I own many earthtone shades
    emulating Mother Teresa with a whip
         & therefore hesitate to regale
           anyone with my opinion

      you’ll freeze because I have the expectation
                           you’ll listen
           & I know the right path
                to take, even if the way
                       is overgrown

                 immobile I refuse to move
          under scrutiny/ under surveillance
         because when analyzed you may find
         my mystical assistance was taxed after all

                         you may pay in blood
            but the accepted amount
                    is in love

                              amounts of which seem
                   far-fetched                     but/
                  none I’d not gladly trade myself

          I’m your genie; what is your wish?


         Authors Note: Belief in jinn was common in pre-Islamic Arabia, where they were thought to inspire poets and soothsayers..
               beings of smokeless flame

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