7, 16, 25

Remember your worth when the mirror,
your mind, a subtle malicious voice
whispers ideas you dare not heed

Dismiss re-reading old chapters &
move forward/you/have/no-choice
[obstacles are inevitable]

& Love truly does start with yourself
& bleeds onto everybody else
Your: path, people, perspective, vision

are unique

(To You) alone but it

Doesn’t mean you are.

Doesn’t solidify a thing

Doesn’t have to be;
You can be free.


The Brain Named Itself

Blows my mind every time: how
intricate & delicate and sometimes
complex and complicated a body can be
(like a tailor-made personality
subject to change, doomed to age)

An orderly mix of components
the organs;
sharing blood and oxygen the same/
within thought a tender string of hopes and dreams busting at the seams
sometimes frayed/


cut clean off