swallow hard.

My life has been infused with a great many romances. I should be used to the feeling; I never am. Every time is a clean slate but this one is particularly polished. In it I see my reflection, to be honest. How is it you pull the _______ from my soul and I no longer flay it? I’ve spent my life hating it. Swearing it off. It all seems designated. Fucking love tribunal. First lecture: what it means to be legendary. I guess you’re my teacher.

I never want your eyes to harden. I never want your smile to turn to steel. Now that I’ve seen the result the court holds you’re less venomous when you’re left concealed. We’re both sides of the same coin. Take a flip & measure it. I want to hear the sly in your voice: the sheer lack of surprise. I can only bait the obsession.

All in good time.


seashells by the seashore

There is very little
       I wouldn’t do/
         that I can only prove
                      [with time]

       There are so many things
               I’ve failed for
            & too many people
               who don’t see me

      Beings like us laid in the sun once
          don’t you remember the light?
            the sound of the waves
              ferris wheel blinking
               passing glides of smoke
                    & funnel cake

          I couldn’t stand the sand
            except when it was cold
                 against my heels and
                 now I have visions of you

         Darling, we were happy once
            we were never coming down
               Before, before, before&



incomplete divination at 7

Forgive me if I go dark
     ///| unexpectedly
          the silverback decked me
                 & before I knew it
                 I was seeing stars &
                 relaying my address
         to the carnivorous ether[net]

                I’m drawing Temperance
                the Hermit and I’m seeing
                an Empress grinning
                devilishly, dangerous World
                for Lovers, in need of a Magician

                Especially now…


the projection

as the sun shatters gray gossamer clouds and the earth returns to shade just as fast, I feel my heart pound my eardrums since this day is racing to oblivion just like yesterday & I don’t know if I can keep up. I caught the wave a little offset but strangely balanced now for a woman with her bruised knees bent

you’re everything I knew I was missing before I left home, I warn you I’m a hard sell to be sure, careful not to break before you buy in / there’s no returns and even less compensation

scientists are getting closer to the truth every second & it seems with great calamity comes great responsibility indeed they say the universe is a fucking projection they’re calling holographic duality and I know they’re right

there are definitely more than three dimensions when I’m feeling you out


fate lost its blindfold

there is no irony
                 now that Chernobyl is caged
           this kindling world would
                catch &
                   bloom aflame

        now I’m taking shallow breaths
                 checking the time
               [     whose hands have never been
                    tied/lost for so long.     ]

           they’ve surrounded the capital now
              & its translucent rainbow edge
             I am fanatic amongst the power outage
                      stream-sniping lovers’ dreams


one night in Troy

I built a house and I reside now on the outskirts of Earth.

Life is a window I spent years peering through because I was once brave enough to exit via exodus and the moment stung worse than a hornets nest. I’m still sucking back my breath.

I’ve seen through your curtains and there’s a tsunami of starbirth you haven’t managed to grapple yet. One night in Troy, I should’ve said I met Achilles on the internet. He wrote poems in blood, then lifted his hand to his sword and used another to congratulate a Myrmidon.

I playfully warned I have bodies stashed in my pantry I haven’t tallied yet. The outcome was fucking marvelous. Heaven sent. He called me a goddess. I still haven’t gotten out of his bed.


the heist

Fulsome language
     for a soul bound
        to treacherous stakes
           Shining the rust
                        [or is it blood?|
                  must be]
       caking darkened silver

              Fervid little lights
                 in your ardent eyes/pulling the trigger

              I don’t know how it looks
                              you shatter the rules

I just know everyone’s evacuating the room

[except me, I don’t know a thing

                 busy picking out parures
                       never intending to
                         ever break


defeat 》

Speed racing
     my mental train
                   full stop
          to lock \jaw without keeping my
            mouth shut we are meterless  without bills I understand
         why inebriated is synonymous with being overwhelmingly creative

You are a remix of my soul&

I can’t take you back

it hits too hard it make me vibrate

Can I sing you a song? Cardinal
     make marginal a sign of defeat
         & a sign of the times



your love literatim flourishes
   under metal clouds & gem preserves
  mining the tender grip on either side
     of my neck
      I smile when I say mind the choker


inattentional blindness

Diamonds fall as rain from the sky on Saturn & scientists hung fire after they whispered Neptune is next. They were proven correct. A storm is born with your name over and over again and I’ve suddenly decided I like these rogue synapses, these bolts from your blue. They never fail to reveal something new.

Lifetimes – on lifetimes – glide by and history is only ever decided by the victor. Good thing I bet on you. My God I love your purr. It’s a big yellow GO AHEAD sign… and I feel inflated like helium, floating the same, up.    up.    Up&

You taught angels to dive when you dropped head first and fearless. They should all learn your lesson. Humanity sees everything fifteen seconds in the past. I’m no longer believing this deja vu is delusional and not irrefutable. I may be a lovedrunk fool but we were meant for this as it’s playing & all signs point to the same — GO AHEAD. Like a gyroscope you’ll always remain upright.

Call me inattentionally blind when I promise all there ever is to see is you.