The sinking feeling
Not knowing the origin
Or… why I commit such
Heartless acts
(From time to time)
Justifying it yet
Understanding it as I do / Alone

Words spill over and I’m quick
to mask the accident, wipe
the drool and dribble of cruelty
Ebbing warm and rusty iron
The color of the fat lip I should’ve had
(my teeth tear the flesh)


Under Construction

Shall we dine together?
I know I’m late to show for dinner,
and for that dear reader, I humbly
apologize for the wait

A splay of bones on the table
The dried remains of scorned lovers
& those secrets buried back behind
Our torn clothes in the closet

I could listen to you speak
For hours on end, tell me your story,
Your dreams and disappointments, the
Glue that maintains your sanity

I want to know, yearn and burn to know,
Consider me a safe which after full, only
You will know the combination, add & access the contents at your discretion

Take a seat, dine with me,
Explain the details as we feast.


Before Christmas

A plaid scarf around my neck
sates me like June
Though I know dear December
(every time you whip through)
It won’t quell your frozen teeth

Tugging, shoving your icy fingers                 (tethered in happy lights)                        through my hair and against my skin.
I’ve grown used to the sensation
of having a little soul
stolen by your wind.