I’ve always been taught to
survive by any means necessary
but the efficacy of that jab
hasn’t been sufficently tested
on people like me

So I’ll stay indoors
& remain ashore/ indeed,
masks strapped to earth’s
decadent carousel

You need a body to experience
this circuit circus comprised
of crayon colors and politics

I’d have to say more than once
I’ve contemplated tearing my ticket

But I’ve got to live with it


(Authors Note: everything is going wrong)


once more I barely sleep
& when I do dream its suspiciously

/still trying to grasp
if any [the meaning]

and if there’s one?
it’s not & never peaches and cream
fuck the sickly sweet



a sensual hold on my waist
as his body led the dance
whispering low if he’ll have a chance
refuted it with silence

finally opened my maw &
revealed myself
though all my pointed teeth shone
in the lowered light I could tell

he wasn’t ready for Hell