a winged creature called me sacred once

I’ve shattered my glass slipper
  I did the thing on purpose

             I’m out of my realm here
    hoarding the silence
              of a snowflake’s chance in an

                   veering to make a difference
        meet me where it exits
                I think if we went the distance
       we’d have one hell of a chance



the costume

So to my war torn
                          brother in arms
    I’m tearing the vanity mirror
        from your hands

               shatter just to hear the flailing scream
       unaware of which is me
             clear the spatter

    How could you have known you were walking with a woman shielded
          how could you be aware
     unless I sliced from time to time
              how could you dream
        the way I dream
             as you lace my hand

                 would you promise me victory
      when I doubt the end
             my strength is too much[needed]
          did God send my right hand man
     my lavish co conspirator
            shrouded in darkness
      fingertips & fingertips
                   & hush
        whispered against
              my bare skin

Human is the hardest thing to be


Authors Note: don’t you Dare doubt it

the debt

Today has been a concrete Christmas
      a cold & woeful day warming
          sometime this coming week

                & All will be as if it never even
                 I’d surmise

                     If I had a nickel and dime



It’s not my fault
    loyalty & camaraderie
are just one of my many
     ladies in waiting

            I can promise the groom
      is content

        I swore by it


a cheeky 32

When am I the most happy
   is like asking Anne Boleyn
      @ the Tower
        about her affair with her brother

            knowing damn well
                     Henry is an asshole___
          my happiest hasn’t happened
   of this I am self assured

        [every year the tune plays through
  like this
      & someone else snuffs out my candles
  on the cake I don’t eat]


an unintended consequence

There are people who live as parental advisories & then there are human PSAs
        for some these are synonymous
    eye-wide in the doorbell camera
            @ your chosen governmental institution

Now I’m waiting on the 100th monkey
                                          to tell the rest
     cryptocurrency has its place
          in the world economy

       since the standard isn’t golden
              belief in its worth
       is why crypto-billionaires die. 
     They didn’t believe enough in the lie        
            everything has to be hard-earned

If few to the many are making their own rules
    Why can’t I?


find your fortune

Winter’s bite hasn’t quite latched on yet I’m holding my sides from the laugh I’ve suppressed my birthday is in three days it must just be this dance we do my dedicated shadower huh credit is only warranted where it’s due but that’s too to the right of you

 So when I move move, it is just like that & fare thee well


my avatar is hooded holding a smoke bomb

At my core there is a horrendous sadness
    sucking the color out of the picture
       grayscaling the frame
         and I know
           it’s too late
             for a cure
        way too fucking late

     [& I’m not looking to be saved
         just loved in my old age
            I don’t want to play life’s horrible game alone
      nevermind P2 has joined my server]

                    I have a love hate relationship with humanity I have a fixed set etiquette
        where being polite and kind
            is the public persona you’ll find
              if you ever
      catch me outside
            [Fuck Bhad Bhabie I’m beyond that
                   lifeless meme]


heavy metals in your dark chocolate bar

there have been instances
         where I’m considered
                such a pushover even
     my best friend rolls right over me

    [You no longer have permission to access

                 I won’t even start on family
         that’s another

           this document

                 can you understand? You have to you have to you have to you have to

                      so your changes can’t be saved]

                     xxxxxx why you’re in my head &


dead America

Shopping for dead presidents
    seems a little redundant
         don’t it

           a mad scientist
     as my bartender
    we could all make monkey noise
        Instead of poetry
    in fact
          that is what billionaires expect

                 there are billions of us

they don’t anticipate the actual reaction



authors not3: it’s always larger than you or I think