an alien repertoire

It’s a strange sensation whenever I speak because it seems I never need to repeat a thing maybe it’s an air of eccentricity maybe static electricity I’m a whole ass human excavator I seek those unapologetic gems way down deep
        increasingly occasionally distraught by the wayside flittering through glittery rumor & gray matter its my new obsession can’t beat the color it’s a wonder what yours and mine would look like as a grand mosaic would we deeply disturb/ fly pirate flags in the desert/ would we unearth other monstrously calm spirits like us erroneously give them birth
             either way I can’t wait


sin or an insatiable curiosity:

Isn’t it interesting
    the rules of existence were instinctively
  known before you were taught
That you just knew what was wrong
      and spent a lifetime if you were right
   based on finicky public opinion

        stealing was wrong
    until someone had an idea that was fashionable

             & then
        everyone was in a silent debate
  full of intrusive voices
       and the double extendre

         & the double extendre


necessary thought beyond the box

where life is a train derailed
    I couldn’t help but inform you
of the chemical spill
          & when you wondered
   because you’re smart & skeptical

            if it was controlled
     I will grin like the government
                   when the towers fell


in the name of preventive health.

I’m no Robert Langdon but I think if there were ever a time for a symbologist it was way before 2030
        I think it’s been long enough to where the wool is a little too thin to not see through but we can pretend its opaque I’m not going anywhere
   as if the trench you dug wasn’t deep enough of all expectation & these moving goal posts or deadlines & plans plans plans God stop laughing I’m feeling sick give us a whirl for good measure Make a Wish
              just a little too irritating to give in I’d rather hold back from confession couldn’t give this up if I tried just a delicate handful of wasps around your sexy hummingbird feeder

                & I won’t go on about what I regret it’s still in constant motion all I can say is corporations come in colors like crayons Coke is ___ Pepsi is ____ and ba da ba ba ba
          the only thing I offer is contagion


…home is where

Bruce Willis has dementia
   this, like many things I discovered
       on accident

      [whereupon you may have encountered
           me & now please
                take me with you]

    there are fissures in these walls
           cracks from earthquakes
       like breaking an egg
     & hailstorm the pot

            I knew if there were ever a safe place
       you’d’ve built it



I’m keeping an eye on notifications because I swear your presence
   is more than welcome
   so land ashore

     I’ve got thirty sterling pieces of lost
   all wound & sparkling from the ankle
       like a little slaver’s chain
   maybe I should have went with gold
           after all

            pardon my vampirism
     it’s to blame for my complexion
          missing @ dawn like 411

             Sleep avoids me
       like I pissed her off|she took my key
           & locked me out

free speech is like saying

I want there to be a place in our knot where we can Peter Pan
   growing up turns out to be the scam we were told it would be when we wanted it
      & I’m not sorry discussing politics sounds like small talk & I hate it
         1984 sounds like 1992
    if two and two is five and freedom of speech is really encased in fiberglass no wonder the puppets smell like hot vinegar they’re so hellbent on breaking the seal
     this was always more important than the climate
        fuck an “unpopular sentiment” the only reason anyone can have one is because of it
          call my intent forever the clear & present danger test
               walking the tightrope without lifting a finger for balance

in other news

I have to apologize
   for all the recent UFO sightings
   [I called a family reunion
     some cousins were tied
           government side-boxing
     for helium]

         Don’t tell me how much you mind
because I know you’re stretching the truth
       & nowadays it’s threadbare

                 cast your gaze to Ohio
     that I couldn’t tell you
                  wherefore the chemical plume



I am catty cornered in bed hoping secretly
   for a peeler
       baby I am stratified
        much worse than an onion
    I can’t ignore the caution signs

I need
something like a seasoned diver with a bone to pick & a thirst for sea water

knowing it could all be so gloriously dorodango
      & deliciously artwork worthy
                      if you bypassed the warning
                          against the sight of
                 my many selves drowned
      equipment submerged

         I won’t say don’t go down here

                  it’s bottomless


the asteroid

I’m sorry I’ve been an awkward participant
       I am restless nervous & creating diversion wherever whenever possible
             the last thing I am is perfect
      I am painfully human
       maybe my relationship with Earth was a bit wrecked from the get
   & I have to admit
       I rarely let anything go
          [call it cathartic
            call it cathexis
             either way I hoard experience]
           I need you to believe the way
            I adore you is true
          I am a fine addition
        if you let me but
           I feel like everyone I know
   has been telling me the asteroid is coming & it’s on its way & it’s nearly here and there’s no time to prepare so we may as well brace for impact