One at a time
Close your lids &
Clasp your lips so
No one can hear you cry

Constellations and consternation
Hold the applause
Lose your head
Grasp the trigger and

Wait for the click
Pause for the black screen &
Rolling credits



The last thing I’m searching for is an escort
Since the last thing I desire are rebuffs
A girdle hug, miniscule body language
saying you’ve had enough, a waning smile

A dark glaze when you say you’ll stay
But then off you go, and here I remain
Nerves alight in kaleidoscopic color, all around, crackling, humming and
making a low static sound

I am this Christmas tree of anxiety
Burning the house to the ground
While the family sleeps, unknowingly
Implicated in its catastrophe

The only pet I have cares not for me
There’s no emotion to extract
For once I think there’s no expectation
So it really can’t be that bad

(But I’d miss her/ like hell/like
when you burn out …)



Mysterium tremendum et fascinans

In a numinous space, lustrous & suspect this nevertobe bride of nothing and no one second guesses [reappraising] the
penumbra of everything and everyone

If anything were ever veracious
I could have always entrusted it to you
but I am capricious/raw/untried/untrue
haunting mazes of end scenarios aiming sometimes with perilous accuracy

Unsuspected^ cloak & dagger references
I wonder who or what has the assignment
My fate sealed in a time capsule &
God’s the only one who can open it

Don’t flatter yourself, kid.


(Authors Note: Insomniacs dream too)

Hold Fast

An apathy of impartiality
what madmen the media
made of us all

Tinkering // knowingly and
maliciously with our cortisol
All for the mirage of control

The delayed response_______
& Earth’s heightened pulse
The same message cascading
through every open airwave


Or was it resuscitate?


Welcome, November

I’ll fill my veins with your frigid wind
knelt before the rain turns to snow:
Wave a glad goodbye to July—
I’ll be watching the sun distance
                         itself again

A harvest moon drips opalescent stone
on my tongue [nevermind the stars]
Daylight hours cut sharp and long black
nights culled/ in /silence spent

alone[        ]

Nearby an owl calls from the trees
& I wonder how close it could be from me
Or if it landed on the sill, how would I react
& ponder again if it abruptly flew off. . .

Would it ever