The attic hatch slides open
  & all the doors are slamming
               the wind s|h|o|v|es past
                all lights flicker out

            glowing eyes
                & stunted children follow —->


          I am breathing with my eyes wide
                   a lesson in tenacious temerity
             always waiting for the storm
              to arrive knowing I’ve survived

        I accept that I need you &
        I’ve determined this can’t deteriorate
        / shift like sand in an hourglass
        I accept risk where it’s worth taking
                   for you I’ll go in blind
       just to see what’s on the other side

a match made |


a stubborn vision

I’m watching a livestream
   of the Earth from space
   hoping for a little tranquility
   everything is so blue, it’s almost
   unforgivable almost unforgettable
   I start to wonder if God has a favorite

we are:
     & our issues
           so fucking small
           but I can’t stress
      how important
   you are


white moose

the ghost in the clearing
   I’m still rubbing my eyes
    I’m still holding my breath
         this is one instance I will never forget

Halfcock the muzzle &
      adorn the kid gloves
          raise my sights
              all-snow devouring sound

    & I’m still grinning
            like a shot fox


lead balloon

possession is 9/10ths of the law
       so humanity has written

   televangelists flaunting god
            for pro/fit/

             really gets to me
                         vapid &
                    their cult
             personality can be

      I think you’ve already read this part
     impossible to possess the intangible
             you can only admire the sheen

            I’m holding a lead balloon
    knowing it’s gold
                knowing it’s never going to float
        this song on repeat
                    I can’t stop singing

                   hold this for me

it’s because you are

a crystal skeleton
      heart pounding within
      blue veins and freckled flesh
                     bleeding red like the rest

      [it’s because you are]
  》》       words & lyrics & quotes
                   from philosophers & gladiators
                         all men all people all minds

            all experience all life all time
                couldn’t pin you to one moment
                     you’re too extreme for a
                                 definition it’s clear
                                         your repetition
                                             Hero’s audition
                       You won the role and it’s only
                                           because you are


shots fired.

the sounds of metal clanging
 teeth forever gnashing
                  a [bear trap] with wings
              ajar like a broken down

    roaming through suspicious cathedrals
                          in the twilight of ignorance
           wishing nonstop I’d brought along
                         a bulletproof vest


sprinkles with that?

this world is a mosaic
      a conspiracy ice cream parlor
   so many different flavors
    colors     &     layers
          studious official promises
under mal-intended incentives
              obscured in plain sight
  maybe you won’t see the full picture until
                                                    you’re gone
                                                   I promise too
                                                  that that’s fine

                               in the meantime
                                   let me show you


Introvert’s Holiday

Lately I’ve been feeling
  like the Grinch who stole
                    this consumerist
        keeping silent
          where words are effortless
      don’t take it as a sign to say
            I’m careless

              [It’s nothing of the sort
                      I just
                      too much]