Or Conquerer?

The path divulges,
and here I am, bated breath,
waiting for phantoms.
I reside in a world of evil,
sickness and strife, with You,
Dear Reader, we’re in this together:
(And may we swear by each other)
Dare not allow the darkness
to swallow the best of you.



Just Go

I have no solution,
I mean, not yet, not quite,
I am used to having an “out”
Where I was classified ‘escapist’
I ducked and dodged (mental) chess
To come out above/on top/__base!

Plan A and plan B
C for B and so on
It ended when you hit a wall
It ended when you called it off
Where I am now is homemade

How will I survive
I must survive (you’re your own worst enemy)
Just stop the bad things you do
Just silence the voice that tells you
You’re never going to escape