3:50 AM

Evergreens: the spice of breathing
swaying in melodious harmony
blue skies as wide and cloudless as
lazuli [meanwhile]

The wild blows back in…
reminding us all
(Nature was never a backdrop)
Yet we act surprised

Maybe the planet needs a moment
to purge (or I need a millennium)
Maybe the wonders of technology
Are secondary (never first)
Maybe it just means you’re lonely

Broke the curtain/looking for contact
Gazing up
and the funny part is
(The answer’s there)


Fall From Grace

My childhood has a tint,
A dark fantastical tint like I wasn’t a part of it
As if/ I was someone else (and I was?)
A little girl who couldn’t quite get a grip

Fiendish for love. . . I’m not proud;
I remember the noise I made you sound
and all the twisted excitement
A crackling buzz [just under the skin]
& horrid embarrassment (static)
Noticing an old friend’s father in the dark
Watching — us — silently

Sprinting down the street at thirteen (minute to midnight)
They all saw it to be true
I passed under the streetlight &
Right on cue


(Authors Note: I’m sorry)


A wellspring of inspiration.

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The rake of calloused palm against worn, sallow face; the loom of perfume on handkerchief lace

The dither of moonlight illuming the grey; the noir from afar to a time cast away

The burning eyes cooled by drying of tears; the sleeve used to grieve before anyone hears

The venom overheard by the children at play; the words that assure through the mind’s disarray

The throbbing, red lip with a taste of fresh blood; the blame, and the shame, and the memory flood

The shattered glass soul and phyche near rend; the long to go on, but a lust for the end

art: Pendulum by Margarita Georgiadis

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