blackout curtains so neither of us see the sun

Have you ever heard of silk art
        & have you ever seen a blind owl?
   Zeus has space in his eyes
        & thunder rumbles on his voice
            asking the only question he knows



the meteor shower is peaking now

I’m not dark I’m just transparent
      my intent is to deliver the message
           even if I hang on a bit too long
               I bet you the end result
  is different than DALL-E
        & its fucked up last selfie

          that is what to expect
    when you trust a machine


authors note: I missed it like I missed you.

in defense of the multiplex

there’s a system update on the horizon
   where the only thing I’m ever waiting for
      is the chime of angels
  to remind me you’re there

          what we have could be visible
                              from space
              & the discovery is so profound
          I don’t care if I can’t breathe up here

                    we’ll transcend the laws
                                   of nature


austere royalty in B&W

I feel I am either
    not reality testing
          [the world is re-rendering
         improperly, often

                & the words on double take
         never              read the same

     you were an intrigue
                    of my dream state
         something summoned
     something unlocked

                  & I loved your silhouette for years
     without a guess
                         You actually existed  


obsession is a colorless thing.

Unpacking instruments
    of the soul is trepidatious
       @ best. But_______
                         peace comes naturally
                                   where you are.

I’m a pair of stockings with runs|

nearly calf to knee|
    a stream of pale skin in a Stygian alcove
       running braindamaGed&delicate

     I like to imagine
       we star A-list in each other’s movies &
     our lovers’ arc is rediscovering seconds, minutes, details,  
         within a colorless bloom of solicitude. 



          [Time exists only before and after you & the prologue is oh-so-long.]

3:41 AM

People say don’t go to sleep angry yet thats exactly how I wake up

      I had a flashback from the past that makes me sick to my stomach

          I swear I’d turn you in if I could go back let’s build a time machine r e l o a d i n g

              I am livid I can’t be happy to make you happy that I’m happy the fuck

                My mind never shuts up


disco ball.

I painted my nails with glitter polish. It felt like a great labor / its chipping off my toes
       as.      we.      speak.

              We don’t belong here, honey,
      we don’t belong here at all
      & as much as I’d like to save the planet
           my shadow would just as much
                    love to conquer it

          so we’ve got a dilemma

                                        [Or I do, don’t worry
             I prefer to solve my problems alone
                      but while I’ve got you here…]


the hermit was once a child, too

Coming from a background
   where my voice absorbed
      into the walls daily

   & everything I’d said was always
        picked apart

          So I
               ed myself

     I know the reason you ask questions
                like I’m an encyclopedia
      because when I was a kid
   I was reading the encyclopedia

              I never wanted to not
                   know|I still always want to be
         prepared & trust me if I don’t know

                        you’ll fucking hear me yet


a lethean fleet.

Sometimes memories stop time|
  & the haze over my eyes
       feels like blindness

      These depths I drown in
           the most turbulent water
    whispering I cannot turn back
         warning me from those shores
                where living skeletons exist

          It’s not really trauma
              I recall often
     I think the tide has turned
             now I cannot remember my life
                   fully______like I’m ninety-nine @ 31

Don’t remind me


don’t ask how or why I’m rolling my eyes.

I watched a little PSA for breakfast
    this morning, it was green-screen
      out of focus New York,

    & a woman’s haunting smile
          as she says moving to
    the center of a building will protect
       from nuclear radiation

               If only Chernobyl had
                     that flicker of hope