wrong direction?

Stupid kid,
     with an arm full of dead relative,
         [ greyscale ]
    could you bet your whole life
               on a feeling?
        could you take the risk?

If you said yes, whether out loud
             or just in your head
             I respect you

    fucking wayward, handsome gambler,
               how could I not

             So you say,
             I’m the jackpot



The new data also revealed a new mystery. The filaments are distributed in groups, or clusters, and within those clusters, they’re very evenly spaced – like the strings of a harp, the researchers said.


Almost like it was never a fucking accident, huh?

Authors Note: Quote came from another article on the same subject. ‘Modern art’ doesn’t begin to frame this.


cold blood.

I believe what we conceal
         reveals our soul
            & we put great energy
                           into keeping the lights off
                      [past due__________
                          on the proverbial
                                         bill/signature required]

           I’m all out of fucks, I’m afraid
     too ready for quick endings
       I am a poetry wraith
                  I am scarcely graceful
           a lack of tact or timing
                    pink tongue glazed in hokum

        Mother Theresa would’ve
                      given you a warning
             my spirit is nameless,
                  but it reacts to sang-froid


aphrodite’s lament

the boar was only an afterthought
  time stopped under your heels
         & mine,
  therefore transiting your ethereal gift
         intravenously| to my ghostly soul

            [symbiosis makes one psychotic,
       no matter, as if there was a stop to it
                          as if I’d ever ask for one

                   so barrels our [tunneling》 fate,
       whimsically apathetic to consequence
           for good or towards a trickster end,


the return customer

slow rotting like Mesopotamia
    eyeing the pale blue sphere
   and the flat planet stabilizer
   enter random miscellania

        enter uranium
            [pocket your special license
                keep it on hand & within sight
                    @all times of the government]

      patient and daring for error
  the sudden pallid absence

& salty dreams like fast food

spell/crafted by big dream teens
      and lonely people
      screaming it’s for commercials!
          just not for you

   I would|could I have spent my money
               I left a tip so big I could vomit
        but I suppose it’s worth the service
              I’ll come back again I just know it


morse code vibes

Now that I know you’re reading,
     beloved hapless contributor
               I want you to know
       you’re the only audience I need

the only devil may care I care for 》

                 [there’s a cypher
                    a blissful message
                  all bound by oath
                     to commemorate you]

           These lines translate specialized
                           like Morse code &
          I wouldn’t ever want to
                       go back|

          I think we’re all here for a reason
              I’m just writing my experience
                    wherever you are just


cold fry breakfast

these past few days
   have been a threat
    to my existence, they’ve
    been a threat
      every which way it stands

     you don’t know it but

          [I nearly lost you]

     & I don’t have money for the hospital
      I don’t have the money
                 to see a [grease] doctor

 Fuck it, a little plastic magic
             never razed anyone
    it’s 6 am on a holy Sunday
    & these fries are fantastic


highbeams under the bridge

ribs became my heart’s worst enemy
      the world held a tumultuous shade
           I cannot be without you for a second
               where you exist, eternity stretches
        & have you witnessed the length,
               oh my lord, it’s endless

     I damn near crashed my car
      into concrete without paying attention
          to the road
             there was a swarm, there,
        in my addled brain, noisily shaking
     I death gripped the steering wheel
     against the pavement

 [ as a rattlesnake stirred
                     to fix its unsettled/lightning eyes
                                on me ]


the fever dream

Flicking like flashcards
    the blonde in a blue dress
       censored out
   “fuck color,”
      said the black Cheshire cat
          grinning in the dark
           throwing guts of glowsticks
               all over the walls
                  like Luminol


more on hot well water at 5

romance demonstrates a fouette
            under your command
            [you barely have to whisper
                              it still listens
                    & without a doubt
                                  I do]
                day and night favor you
                      it’s unknown how it’s possible
                          show me how it’s done,
               guide me along,
               if you don’t mind/

             people who mark you strange
                    tug all of the weight
               maybe it’s the triumph
                         of harbingers for rain
                                                 guts & riling

  Swallows are swallowed
        deep into black nets while they come
                 for you,
                       any & all air has left the room