We Shall Have…

Little gasps,
As we spin against the clock
Hips and leveraging those shoulders
Our shared exhilaration
Too much to comprehend
Too easy to just feel

There’s so little music
It’s devastating/ we create our own
In tandem

Laughter and wet waterlines
A potentially wounded spine
We come together
Your hand a soft reminder
An attentive guide
Sherpa for my soul



& I bleed cerulean from the vein
                       It’s true
Royal purple/ indigo too
Since my flesh rarely sees
                      the sun,
               but    flourishes under a black moon
And it’s sick, and I’m sick
                    [Just a genetically engineered tool]

This pale lily shimmer is finely ground
                      & I know if I was ever crowned
                             I’d be an undead Queen
                 not unlike Persephone
                       A mock Diana
                               [For her Empathy]
                     A deranged Hera
         for her jealousy…

And Zeus
        livor mortis blue
           would’ve never made a fucking sound


Thank You!

From the bottom of my bleeding heart, I am writing again to say Thank You for the 251 subscribers I now have.. a year ago it was 102, and I was mindblown then. I am so appreciative for your open arms to my work and I hope to honor your time as life goes on.


Lauren Mc.


Hold my hands
by the wrists

& tamper with theseclasps later
split shields clean in half
     when you taste your fingers
Stuttering over balm
     unlit cigars
     sweetest smoke all the same

glazed eyes hooded by
            suspicion and fixation
             don’t judge me yet



Keep your friends
close and your pistol

Dad never taught me how to fight
    BACK       _》   he just gave me the ammo

Craftily watching true crime &
counting the time
second by milifuckingsecond

[The impulsion is wretched]
                    passion is the wealthy reason
why love and obsession can so easily blend
// with death



My darkness is not so common
& all too ———-
I am not reliant
                    just foible
when it comes to rules
and regulations  [I design
                 my own compartmentalization
                              sweetly inviting you
                           to do the same
                  Since… during our brief time
  This round
                           the most important thing
                   next to the sound of your voice
                           the swing of your sword
                                   is what you leave
                                         Remaining …]

& amongst, in the mi(d)st, I promise

we’ll find each other again



I’ve got bruises
                      of all diverse shades

& I think I’ve been wringing my hands
                   too much
             wringing the bones to crack

Just to relieve the pressure

my lips have been bitten
                    too much and my tongue
             rolls all things hidden
                               into  plain   view

               if you’re listening
               if you pay attention
               It’s worth mentioning

This preoccupation
               & these addictions
       with you


Art of the Deal

I need

I deserve that
                 ghastly skeleton key
& unlock all those doors
warning _____against unauthorized entry
                 there’s a fiddle
                           riding shotgun
                despite the devil driving me
But once I’m inside
                             I guarantee
                                        to please

You don’t have to sell me your soul:

You’ll find                  [IN THE END]
I’ll usurp it
for free


Amour Fou

We pause and resume
our business tête-à-tête
                       words & words
                 without etiquette
                         and a whole lot of flair
           for two people who aren’t going

[& have never gone]