Missing 411

A palm just scrapes the nape of your neck;
skies endless blue and a cradle of oak
branching off in every direction

The singsong of quality time

(You’d think there was someone



As we rounded the upper trails
You urged, “Go ahead,”
“I’ll catch my breath.”

& I never saw you again.


Note: I am quite fascinated with the ongoing, unexplained cases of missing people in national parks, though I cannot translate their horror. My heart goes with each family touched by a situation like this.

Sea Glass

And as the rugged color
Of falling leaves dribbled
from your fingers

I inhaled slowly, minding a burning tip
Knowing as time speeds by Your embers
will be snuffed by rising white
and lakes of ice

These raw mountains hold you captive
& gazing on them I am reminded why
Nature was always your beautiful,
patient mistress

And she’ll raise her glass with you
In my unnoticed absence

“Keep these pieces for me,” she’ll whisper,
“Your trophies from the sea.”

Her kiss
was unforgettable.



As a matter of fact,
I can’t decide what’s worse
To have the illusion of being alone
Or to have the belief that you never are

To think you have the answer
To all the questions you ask yourself
About the universe and the way it works, Or if you really know nothing, reach for
Something so it doesn’t hurt

But what do I know?

What great deed have I done lately
To offer my opinion on anything
Even if I have freedom of expression
I just keep my mouth shut altogether

You say I’m strong and I can do anything
I want in life but when the panic attacks
Grab a hold its life or death;
A desperate song on repeat

I don’t want to think I’m powerless
I don’t want to be an inconvenience
But when I’m told I need to get my
Control/back it’s almost a slap in the face

All I have are these words to tell you
And when the light goes out in your eyes
I know you’re not listening anymore
I know



I used to believe
you were too selfish
to let me depart
so you said, in our final act

I liked that about you
Your steely blue eyes
And your fire retardant armor
Was there ever an argument
I could win?

Perhaps I just miss the attention
Or the surprise conversation
I see now…
I was never part of your fo(u)r
Five/fifteen year/ ever* plan

Maybe you cut your losses
& you added to mine for

(and I’ll always say it was for the best)



I could close my eyes

and pretend not to hear the

monotone ticking of a

very spiteful clock just

slightly to the right side of my head

since it’s laughing at me, but

you just can’t hear it because

you’re a┬ásane┬áperson…



Burn After Reading

Everyday I put “the face” on
The dressed up in lights
show-business kinda happiness

Walk fast because it feels
Like if I pause
My legs will drop out

It’s trying to stand up,
In a box, in the ocean, and the waves
take you everywhere except where
you want to go

Proceed with vertigo

You’re –going– to have a stroke,
said the neurologist, if you don’t
Quit smoking
But I still do.
I’ll remember that diagnosis-day
literally as D-day.

Tears in the elevator, though
I held it in down the hall
Thanked the doctor for his time
and my mother
grabbed and held my hand so tight
“at least it wasn’t something worse”

What could be worse?

The words I look forward to now

You’re stable.


Cat and Mouse

Misunderstood damsel
Feigning distress
In reality I do cry wolf

The temptress; I’ve
Gotten to like the sound
Over time/ since now I understand
What is in my nature
To undermine

I want to cloak you in my shadow
For a time
&make you believe
You are the most desirable thing
In anyone’s life anyone could
Ever achieve

Any trophy

How unbelievably beautiful
A gleaming feeling
How terrifying
How perfectly
Morbidly satisfying

Will you let me show you