the uptight millenial like and follow

I have a love hate relationship with the pharmaceutical industry
        this same hot/cold symbiosis with poetry
     words and pills wear me well though the taste gets bitter
              & when I’m blood red
     I ignore the heat
          & bask in line of sun’s unseen

               call me reptilian
     because I’m ancient
                  all I need are time stamps


left on read

there’s a tale left untold in utero
I received the message loud & clear
      from a voice calm like an old friend

               I can be melted down
      I say, I’d show, if you want

               we received a radio signal
       from nine billion light years away
    I’m saying even if the message was important
           given the way
               the world is as of late
      I still think it’d be


picking my battles

Lately I’ve been observing what remains
   of Tracy Twyman
        & buying ankle chains

             both seem purposeful

       nevermind what’s trending on Twitter
    the celebrity chaos dulls
          to static
      white noise I fall asleep to
          when the Wild Hunt isn’t in pursuit


you be the outlaw

everybody thinks I have an agenda
     I’m not making shit up I promise
   I’m just interpreting the world
         [ alternatively ]

   I know my experience can’t be replicated
  I know you won’t hear God quite
        the same as I did

                    when he told me humanity
        isn’t Klaus Schwab’s version of virus
                 when it’s just another

        & we don’t need a virtual concentration camp to be honest
      we just need courage

                     that’s it


authors note: inspired by Gawne – Outlaw


the thing about inspiration
    it’s a fuckbuddy sometimes everything clicks and when I feel noticed I merge into His open lane and coast my fingers point and click to climax I type my feelings and pause ⏸

         @theweesmirk Post over an hour ago something posh about the universe nick bostrom & why I can’t sleep on the phone
           oh you’re still here still listening good I play favorites guess who’s mine


the gift tax.

people are constantly weighing
           Libran scales
       between what they want &
                          what they need

             modern society is too used to what’s superfluous to tell the difference
                      no matter how stark

           I’ve got gift cards I’ve yet to spend the
     time left out of my life expectancy check & found out God doesn’t deliver on weekends


the graveyard

        suspend the flowers you sent,

spontaneously suture the wound
               [that’s all too familiar
                     to you]

    hats off

we gather together
      as brilliant shards in
    these underwater mosaics
         this music we make
    devastating every composer we know

            & can’t you hear me knocking
     aren’t I part of your foundation
           the missing piece stolen
     and retrieved resold
                 by its thief

                          time winked gasoline
              on our straw house
      unaware there was brick underneath


impatient output.

How long before I have to beg
        how long before I’ve lost all sense?

     Where did my lonely mind go
   if not to be swallowed whole and tongue caressed withheld
         by your loving mouth

                 as far as Neanderthal comets go
         I’ll wait for February

                      exhaling steam


don’t look down

My flaws & logic are forever at war
   it’s the little self esteem I have left keeping them apart and alive

once I experienced love as an immature prickly thing and its teenage taste went stale way too often I made the switch to artificial sweetener
     now I feel like a burst liver, a human kidney stone mouth full to the brim with spit right before you heave to a toilet
    I’m no fan of myself lately, I’m my number one heckler

           creeping out the strangest I act without trying I just sit and smile I barely blink upside down resting bitch face
            I think I’ll give the Zoloft a shot after I take one I’m so imaginary my friends are too
                          I’ll never be the highest one in the room
                              but I bet I can make you feel

                                                    just don’t


bigger than my stomach

Rationale was never my forte since my eyes were full of rarity & I’m hoarding my treasures kept close to the ________

I’m starting to wonder
      if this voice in my mind isn’t my own soul speaking out loud & the only way it registers is if I think
         it’s me

             I know

it’s me

          Ahead of time
              Back in lives


I’m starting to wonder
      if this voice in my mind isn’t my own soul speaking out loud & the only way it registers is if I think
         it’s me

             I know it’s me

          Ahead of time
              Regressed in lives