Needy greedy gluttonous me
Hold my unwired jaw &
          allow your magick
                   to hypnotize

Baptize me

My villainous pledge
                                  to your wormhole
Engulfed in mist
                           & paralytic coercion
                [the] blood at my feet
                                    merely a
                     perverse distraction
                  tell me more, tell me my future
             again, I want to hear your whisper
                    I want to hear your pleasure
                                 once more
               Last time,
                       I’ve sworn.


Speak Softly Now

A masquerade when I come to you,
   crafting a magnificent pedestal
         that I know you’ll never truly accept
             I am the worst for ruffling buttercream
              [Especially those with the highest                                    risk but] I cannot
                                    deny nor falsify
                          the urges

      &  I think these “costumes” are not for
                      fleecing a victim raw —-
                      as they are a silken fan
          for which I may bat my eyes behind

       I am just as afraid as you.
       I am just as
       As You.


Wiles & Reputation

I etch love letters with the tips
                    of my fingers
       I’ve lined your armor thin with time
  There’s several cacti in the desert
          more beautiful than I, yet
   [We don’t see, you don’t see
                   that Queen of the Night]
            & it must be such a privilege
              to wander your village in any time
                 or space

        I imagine the curves of your face
        & where it might be rigid through age
            but smooth /though soft
   I hope your eyes
                  have never changed
                  like a distant remote lake,
              UNtouched by thrashing fate
          Wisdom gained, never cancelling
                              their gentle wonder
                 I think you’d wish the same


Play Along

Caught in a chasm between two worlds,
standing for one and barely visible,
so faint you can scarcely see
                                       my cellophane

I blink off screen and reappear
                                    somewhere else
          I’ve drunk away night & day
                      an unbridled sort of mankind
                                  lately I find
                                        I’m not able to cry

       [I think the tears will well but never fall
                                      if that’s any sort of
                                consolation at all]

            in time I think by design I will

                             my destiny’s end

           Whether I look forward to fire &
                               or simply the other side
                                     of this galactic veil
                          is my Creator’s kiss and tell

           It may come like a thief in the night
               in my sleep, or before my eyes,
                 [whatever is up there has spared
                       me too many times]

I shall not know.
And neither will you.



Sometimes I wonder if
              inside this exhibitionist
                 existence you must
                    realize what I can
             [ this is the fastest way ]
                  I do communicate,
        do you believe in love’s endurance?
        do you believe this assurance/
                   《 better yet 》   in me?

Maybe if I whisper it, this
                  widely known secret
                  I unmasked the fact quite early,

Gilded in summer air, under summer stars
               & now, for you, by you I am
                       gartered, aglow                       undone



Language has been my
                            whole life
                & why I can’t seem to grasp
                          it by the throat

without slicing it
                           rAw is so unknown…

                     It’s an aggressive relationship
        Sitting pretty be damned
              the language plots against me
                      at every turn
                shocking and delightful
                dressed scintillating like an expensive

Is this my “girlfriend experience”?
           I’d pay money to watch her go
                    but I have to trap her
                         I’m that sort of bastard


[Quick authors note: I planned on titling this Domestic Violence but for fear it may trigger some or click bait others I’ve not]

tar & feathers

In every realm you penetrate me
                  torturously, digitally,
                            but the taste is sweet
                         and now I’m addicted_____
              cutcrumple to bruised knees
                       that’ll never heal properly
                          spite these sprites/
               & their lime green cypress trees

      I caught
                your eye
                           by accident
                         but I set fire on purpose
           amongst my aviary of harpy eagles
                           & great poor me ones
                         I drown in their black eyes
                   for their supposed “emptiness”
                      reminds me there’s a soul



I think I finally have the chance
     I think I finally possess the guts
           & I’m finally mourning not just
    for a girl who left on a Greyhound bus

              I’m mourning for a woman
                    martyr like Icarus
                  defied Daedalus & flew
                         too close to the
            Goddamn            /              sun
                        burning up the last bits
                    [If there were ever any before
                                                            or since]
                                  of her innocence

                              In that mottled
                               D is so ci at I n g¿

                       what’s left is this itty
                       bitty                        chrysalis
                        with this fragile-winged
                                               butterfly in it
& no one fucking knew____

                                    when it finally sp/lit
                         its soul was holographic



In the star-scattered night,
              a breadth of graphite fog
            split like thighs for you
                                 the warrior
                        deceptively alone
                casting a sudden|bloodlust gaze
                                  for freedom
             roaming for     wealth
              histrionics & steel
                 A deadly combination
         moreso than the ornate two handed
                   & the fresh tattoos on his back

              Devastation & reimposition
                            runs the gamut of
           the process/ what I’d become in a
                              firelight flicker
              for a moment, a wink, a.

                                   of his love


[Photo credit goes to a screenshot from a Steam community for Senua’s Sacrifice]