leave it on the mantel.

It must be hard to hear no one wants kids @ a drag show just like bringing the Pope to the hospital mouth wide shut bring back Nokia level hardware Gen Z I’m tired of promising organs for smarts & BTW did the RESTRICT act startle or zip right past I swear it’ll never end until free speech smolders in its bed or maybe it’ll die in plain sight like Joffrey Baratheon

        & sidenote I have to ask
            since we all die & come back
               did you really want to return
          to this bullshit? Or fix it?


one missed

One day I’d say
  a couple of years
      sooner rather than later you’ll come to an understanding
    I have no sense of time

               & it’s flying by

    Afraid of nothing for nothing
   wasting every second
                cringing hard —->
                  even my grandmother

         has a glock


it’s all in your head

I am so afraid of mental illness
     I think it runs in the family

I burst         expecting every worst case scenario
         to bloom

     yet they gave us space games
to prove their hypothesis,

we’re never leaving the Earth quite the opposite a Night City metropolis they’re holding us hostage

        but maybe not:
           maybe it’s impossible


galactic town crier

I said there were concentration camps @ Xinjiang & heard stop reading old news I thought they were convinced I was affluent but I know human rights abuses aren’t sophisticated funny how there’s slavery in 2023 & we haven’t even dusted off the pedophilia ring call it horror tourism
      it’s not our fault we’re living on the edge of evolved – unevolved & it bursts out in cries like yours like mine I know they’re going to try hard to convince you
         our world has always revolved this way don’t fix what’s not broken but if its not broken why is it all that’s on television are kid shows & crime documentaries or is that the news
         if you need corruption to function,
              the criminal empire
         must be transfused

                       it’s why this can’t go on



say you see a thing like jelly sandal and it doesn’t remind you of anything at all not a single thought I’m pretty sure in a previous life I was a monk staring sky high @Tibet with three of your bloomed jasmine plants wondering how stars could suddenly change direction I want to fit your mould but I am never keeping my own promises
          isn’t that the worst thing we could have in common
      thirsting for connection
             switching to solar power
      & still unhappy
                because the fortune you earned
          paid for sunlight


a plea to the programmer

I’ll pay the price for pretorn jeans & watch the tethers anxiously strain like fingers keeling for their conduit I’m rather niche & you’re forgiven for being onto it please close the window calmly, I’ll never be this old again

I hope you know that what I post
     comes straight from the heart
   I must confess to my contamination
& my contagion seems to have spread

          You should know you’re my only entry
    though the words change
        it’s only ever concentrated

           I’ve taken the maximum dose

    It’s why I fear
         because who is used to
              a diary so instant its secrets
     stain every post



the mute is perfect
        for what sound could

            I am struggling with buttons
    hoping to sow them into my interface

it’s not even twelve midnight and the crowd outside seems a little too vacant
        wouldn’t you want a little separation
    two strings of code uncomplacent

you & I make everything uneven
    I could not silence a room
      would I could I should I have been
  an art form in motion, like you
             maybe then I could comp[l]ete anything

             all I know is you taught art
      about [human] nature and beauty
            is what came to be


chicken water.

It’s amazing that TV ratings are sinking faster than the Titanic with many more casualties I can’t help I’m sexually attracted to the autodidactic I covet the polymath the visionary I want to be the protégé when I’m the professor X marks the spot in a space full of static but when if I’m in color
      & you never miss
   wouldn’t I never be unsatisfied


the sugar cane

I am the most genteel of worst case scenarios
   an electromagnetic wave passing through space
      which just may shut everything down

   I read the Pentagon warning of a mothership
     & by all means
          I intend to board since
              maybe| we have something in common