A Metal Horse

Pale and tongue-slathered
with wrathful speech I am
Xanthippe for pondering Socrates,
penetrating the souls of men

Fate built me;
destiny has scorched me
and I am feared only
for the intensity of the flames

I have absorbed,

& reflect.


Bring Back the Pyre

Keening into the gloom
fog and smoke and gray gray gray
burying her last words
I wish I would’ve (this,
that & whatever other)
Pray for me but don’t

Don’t expect to know
When you’ll be taken
any moment [Now]
B r ea th e— they’re just

Pack the dirt under your nails&
allow the rain to ×disguise×
your tears/SCREAM if you have to

Pretend like you have a heart of stone
Pretend like you used to, long ago
Her flesh was so Cold
Pack it down
Pack it down
Pack it down


(Authors Note:)


Do not fear the reaper,
but give the scythe no welcome mat.

I say, this life was a choice
(to be here)
(at this time)
& as Hicks would put it,

A fantastic roller-coaster ride
with all its thrills,
and chills.

Fasten your seat belts
For this is just another climb
& your stomach may drop
on the way down

An allure of an unlocked door,
the Sun knocking the windowsill
like a childhood friend, asking
If you can play.

You can’t go out today,
or for the foreseeable future.
You know Why.

The parks will be empty,
shops shuttered and the only lights
coming in the night will be
Hunting for you.


Shall I Be “Her”?

The lilt of an ethereal tune
Soothes heavy eyelids
and standby limbs
I would be your inspiration

Your flesh intoxicates me
though the scent I can merely guess
& under your breath
I hear you speak (my name)

Like a dream

I am a spray of pink sugar
the kind that may go do/wn/


The seduction of subtlety
Worth the barking (mad?) frenzy
Behind door number one

(Authors Note: x)

Tunnel Vision

An empty glass sits stagnant
on the sill, memory fading
with each new rise

I don’t expect a return
on my investment
(It’s all based on risk)

(What is that?) I hear a clamor &
the Earth keening
shatters all my windows
like hammers

Let the night pour in
Join in/ from the inside

A tealight finds an appropriate fit
Wax melts into my palms
Blood red
and wet.


[Authors Note: I do not recommend watching the movie Midsommar at 2 AM.)


Tales of Fervency

Forget how I make you feel
Go ahead; I will not.
Rather, I will be studious,
Tick-tockingly arduous &

Upon your arrival

No matter your weatherproofing
Hurricane women may seem as if
They come and pass but
Never last and that’s (I promise
you that you’re) incorrect


[Photograph by artist Yuri Klapouh]


The Hunt

Empty buildings, stark white walls
bare floors and too little light
fishing for a view___
Bump elbows to say goodbye;
For now

The next door neighbor missing teeth,
random strangers prowlin(gun)seen
you’ll never meet, never see
Again #youknewbetter

Wondering what’s next
//////the s p r e a d
What can we expect?
Uncertainty is life, I guess
signing the dotted line is death.