without sounding the main ⏰

I’m eating breakfast for dinner wondering why all these crypto-billionaires are resetting their characters Simon says this pattern is deliberate I’m no believer of coincidence never have been I love all of those times I’m seen but never heard I like to return the favor but I’m installing boundaries instead hate to ruin the girlfriend experienceTM
             I am many things to everyone & yet my family reminds me consistently they’re on the fence as to whether or not they can trust my memories when I’m not even making up stories
                   So far it’s not going good enough Mom is mentally ill & I can’t do anything right that’s why I immerse myself in signs & planets how fucking redundant
                     This is all a sham(e) like “dying unexpectedly” who knows maybe I’ll be ne


knowing no bounds

I am an early settler of this world
    called Eyeball City,
            a unique voice
        you can hope to
             but I would not want you to

               take the splint pieces
    of my broken heart at will
          and I will wipe my bloody eyes
                 for grief for you

                  there was only ever one outcome
       to this Fantasia storyline
           & while the colors and symbols play
                 I will cement my place


like caramel

Affect me gently it’s the way
   I like to be treated
      it’ll calm my predisposition

Would it be possible if I could
    get your number let’s
      stay in touch

             Take my touch
     it’s so undemonstratively appealing
          love to love to love you

                Let’s stay in tune
       & dissipate
                 like caramel
                    without the taste

                  Let’s do in each other’s
      puzzle muzzle pieces
          & correlate


plastic interaction

Dolls kill____

    when babies munch on their plastic parts not knowing they were ever private
     cutting out jutting geometric pieces of the carpet
          & placing them back

            I’ve always keep epoxy in my pocket
                   exasperating my doctors
       wishing it cost as much as my medication
                   seven thousand dollars a bottle


out of honey

I know it’s Thanksgiving
    but can I just say
   I hate the fucking holidays
                   just another chance
                    for me to Eeyore
                all over your Pooh


AUTHORS NOTE: Happy Turkey Day ♥

drafting my apology

Dear WordPress,

    we are not the same two seconds ago
       as we are two seconds later
  & the people that inhabit you

      make me feel


        For once in this life, but youknow
    you are needed and
          I can’t help but recenter myself
    here knowing your tribe




           I hate to break it but

                    I need you;


school of hard knocks & street smarts

Love can soothe the most terrible beast
   in me or miles away,
     it is the God of a thousand names

             listening still as frozen water
      not called upon—

               blurred in my back pocket
       with your likeness

     what can I say other than this
           your wayward companion
     years in a desperate making
             in competition with your excellence

       I fear to show


a girl cries in the shower

I’m watching tours of houses I’ll never own because paper money doesn’t gather fast enough to windfall on my porch & this one just happens to rest its head in the Waldorf Astoria in Versailles

       where marble & elegance combine collide and resign

in the same breath I am a toe-beaned hellcat & the lioness stalking your children behind glass

Buying soap bars to keep my hands clean
      so I won’t get discarded

         even if the trash
     is exactly where I belong

     I watch a lot of police interrogation
        & the thing which puts me off the most
    besides the awful crime
        is swearing to God you never did it

          you should know I’m predisposed to disappointment
             I am guilty as charged
                 soughing near the sea


a lie has no legs like the economy

You never know who comes from poverty,
  but dresses nicely,
     & lives the social experiment
                  of being rich
           for our entertainment

        authority is a costume
              save when there’s accessories
      you won’t hit harder
             than a gavel

                         what is the difference
              between socialite
                       & peasant
                                  trick question




go right in

You’re been left on read placed on hold ingesting elevator music while you
          please hold

                   ____ is typing…
                   Thank you for your patience it’s reticent that’s why I’m doing this you want in & I want to permit but I’m afraid of what happens after there’s only so much room

               please hold


                    You’ve been a long time coming we’ve saved your appointment. Its just like you to be right on cue. You can go right in. The doctor will see you
       I will see you