a very deviant Halloween

I’m waiting for the skin to peel off your human suit
     waiting for the smorzando
                 & fall away

           I’m sweet like poisonous licorice
    I’m sweet like the good witch
           who did nothing good lately

       I suppose the only thing left to roll off
             are the fishnets
                   I suppose the predictable pale
        fool me twice visage has left little kids
                           tackling tears in the drive

                                    I hoped to peek outside
                   & find my cauldron bubbling
                                  I might have several times

             but their meat was not tenderized


nothing but pink sugar and a smile

nowadays people have the attention span of hamsters & my work might not be what they want but just might be what they need I try to douse you in info gasoline & when I light it the flames are marvelous don’t you think
                 sometimes I don’t even have a point sometimes we’ve learned something together I just want company someone keep me company
                 the dolly you see you might want to protect until you take her out of the box & then she’s tarnished as soon as
                 & then she’s a ragdoll
               who fucked up and gave Raggedy Ann a soul


when gods of vengeance call

I am certainly up too late
       & too long [promises promises]

       Its just: there are too many stars tonight
        trembling violently as a reaction
                      to your phantom touch
               talking to myself
waiting for the jumpscare
         it’s too peaceful

                      I am Soft the unreliable
               unintentionally playing phone tag
                       with my grandmother

                            There are too many stars
         & I just saw the brightest one
                    flit             —>>>>               

          I know it’s deafening
             my madness makes La Llorona
                           palatable that
               this leather fist gripped once
                   around my heart
                     stops time as it squeezes

my thigh


there is no tourniquet

Are you malleable per suggestion
                   do other people’s fibs affect it?
        Does it sting when you detect it
     even if the other person takes
   the reacharound scenic route
                  just to ETA the same burned out destination
               [will be on the left
           because we all had to]

are you as I am
           can truth recruit the thought army I need
                      for a worldwide resolution

                     my mother’s knack for never teaching emotional intimacy
            swarmed this telltale creator with flies
                      I was a ribcage aflame @ the end
              my poor beating heart

   I feel alike a likeness on a missing poster
              whenever someone never fully invested
                        doesn’t ever go in search of her

           I wake up and feel for you because my culprit brain thinks someone is there
                  when I fall asleep alone
         I can blame dreams
              I believe that’s where you were created
                     & where you’ll go to die
                                          at this point
                                    so shall I


the cake is laced

Pardon, while I burst

I’ll stop dead in my tracks too

Sometimes the force for good
            can startle you
                            free will is a choice

             I am wholly stubborn to
     accomplish this adapt or die spiel 
            I’ve paid the funeral cost
                 for cremation

            make me a diamond you wear against your chest
                      or bind me to your wrist
            [at least then
                       I won’t be gathering dust
                   on a shelf]


a girl realizes her mascara has been running

Delete means to remove or destroy something, specifically something that is written, printed, or stored on a computer.

I’m alone down here
       dead set on reset
          & I’m not talking about the WEF
               this time, don’t change the subject

   Don’t worry, I won’t call again
         shutting down
              is a disappointment’s best defense

                        I’m getting a tingling
                on my spidey-sense

     for once
         maybe I’ll seek
           answers – bywayof – meditation

           the last time didn’t turn out right
     but nothing ever does
                 makes me wanna wish for normal

                             I’m just□□□□□□□□□●


free speech is actually worth trillions

Dear God I guess it’s worsening
         I read of a Brit who pays for everything
     with a bank implant in his hand
                 [this is not going to be a trend
          guess what Arnie it looks disgusting
                         you are not cool for this]

       I never knew Alex Jones had trillions
      to pay the families of Sandy Hook victims
              I just thought he was the example
                        after the Grove:

It doesn’t matter how many tag along_____
                         show of hands 👐
               who knew the dystopian funnies
      we’re subtitled living your best life
                 & the more desperate it becomes
                     I’m still only paying attention
              to one place in the sky


a girl has a flashback and a mini rant all on 10%

I’m homesick I can only say
   you’re a sensitive topic & I get phases where I want to tell you everything I remember because
          Suddenly I am not so embarrassing

    Why else would I beg your forgiveness
          for my misplaced opinions
I know I’m never going to replicate this experience
          this is only single serving both ways
                    So am I arrogant for wishing divine timing was sooner?


authors note:

            I guess it’s high this time
     Hopefully you’re fine
                      I scraped myself off of the tile
              supine shaking like a leaf
          abruptly flushing last night’s courage
     down the drain

                     It only reminds me
I don’t look good
        on camera
            someone please put me in touch with Metanoia
                 I can’t sleep again


can’t stick a bandaid on a hurricane

There are plenty of days I’d flog myself for
        since I seem to live entirely
            in retrospect
       viewing nearly out of body,
          over the shoulder
             & listening in

       Either biting my tongue
                  or loosening it
            given the chance
                  to switch places

                      it never rains on these days
              I’ve noticed,

                     I break clouds for both of us