The Trap

Embrace me, your majesty,
I’ll decorate your robes
In tragedy,
Kiss me quickly, passionately
You won’t feel a thing. . .

The poison moistening my lips
Renders your heart paralyzed
but I promise you
Soon, too, you shall pass

Sliding into weightless slumber
To never again have another
&I’ll mark you off on the roster
With tremendous ecstasy


Once Upon A Time

The vagabond in the shaft
Gripping his wound in the raft(ers)
Laughing/___bleeding out
I heard him

Shadows flit and flicker across his face
like a children’s playground
The bags under his eyes
Holding purple

His teeth are dug into the way
Vikings used to do
After every kill
To terrify his prey

Full moon out tonight, he says
Glaring deep with bloodlust
I cannot move



Sometimes the ache is hereditary
&while I look across the booth
Into my father’s eyes, listening***
He describes the death of his grandfather
& eyes blue so like mine laced with tears

the contortions/

I’ve seen this pain before

He tells me, you’re not saying much &
No, I’m not because everything I say
Is wrong – wrong time or
wrong choice of words
That’s what I’m used to
Fucking up

Hard to imagine I’m 30
Hard to imagine you haven’t straightened
Your life

At all


Lost At Sea

s e p a r a t e d/

torn apart by miles
of gluttonous ocean

peppered with reflective vessels
in between


If-only I could build you a raft
if I wore a vest/

But I can’t swim

And you’re not trying. . .
I’m not bereft of hope

That we may always meet
On the other end


Six Months

Gorging on jet black humor
and raspberry vodka
I’ve made myself choke
on tears and laughter
I’ve lost hours of my life
& awaken

What did I do last night
where did this bruise come from
How hard did I hit the floor?
Who did I call & why
Who did I text & can they even

[translate it]

I’m feeling penned in again
These walls are closed
Pure dissatisfaction
Faithless fearful disappointment
                 swallowed_IN myself
If I didn’t have this reprieve I know
I wouldn’t have anything at all

Thank you for listening


(Authors Note: Tomorrow’s my birthday—]


A lovelorn eulogy for the slaves
Who waste(d) time on Earth for pay&
After this disgrace, I’ll take a raincheck
For 2020

Value seemingly has no value
& It’s all stark right in front of you
If you can see it, when you speak it,
are you connecting dots or just unstable?

(I’ll take the former,
there’s a galaxy of dots




Once I had a morbid/infatuation
with the shape of the sky
at the end_of the world

Where all my mirrors reflected
cinders and pipe bombs
bludgeons and rabid dogs
unsolved murder cases
& plenty of missing

Now that the nights run early on
and by five o’clock it’s black
I can’t pretend with you
I’ve gotta say
it’s creeping. . back;



Though traversible, I am
A war-torn shard of a map
Showing only one side of a half

[the legible half]

Yet you know every landmark by heart
& instinctively, what will tear me



See, your initials are scrawled
neatly on the back & your wax seal
Still remains in the corner


Evidence of your presence is ubiquitous
& my canvas too fragile to change hands

My treasure is lost in fragments



I dreamt I was on a sort of house arrest
& knew where it might’ve manifest
The police officer overseeing me
A big and burly thing but with shaded,
kind blue eyes lecturing. . .
& when he turned his back for a second

Just/ long/ enough

I’d hustled my way
out from his cage but
He gave chase &
dragged me back
Don’t try it again, he warned,
Instead of adding to mine,

Do your time