Wood beams on the ceilings &
lowlights in gently revolving fans
love let loose
the berry colored candle on a

Crescent moon table
smolders [spine sha tte red]

tell the
pretty bartender I’ll have it again
[the Crush]
& blink all wandering people
on the way out
a way



 forgive me; I must’ve
ran into you by mistake

my fault, don’t mind me,

just             sidestep

     out of your way.

Answer though would you


Remind me

am I truly humanity’s peace treaty
or are you all really diseased


The other worlds


*authors note: i need more friends

In the Night

Rubbing the thick overnight’s kohl
from over
                & under
my bloodshot eyes
Don’t even ask me why…

for       the      Advil
I need time to think
                                 [space to br e at he]

Trying to recall the event:
                 [Good luck]

Corset loops and straps so many

Un                 —                 hooked.

                  Let’s take this to bed

Let’s take this to the head^
You preferred your scotch &
the room billowed up with smoke

Within those plumes a familiar face
One I entreat to stay
Just a little longer
Just keep your eyes on me



Short and Sweet

Maybe this time
Surely this time
The poison is
Picking me

Tickling my uvula
Breaking down
Wearing me out
You can’t see it?

I guess, maybe
as I was told
by a man dressed
I’m just that good at hiding it



Death, once worked overtime
near tiny furnaces designed
for throwaway
Lying rest to childrens’ bones
                                       in pauper graves
aligned a big marble cross on stone
                           [&Christ a

                                 :party of one. . .

strung up weeping tears and blood]

Even a grand bell ringing
cannot drown out the sound
of ricochet screaming

Even God cannot soothe
humanity’s collective grieving

Now that we’ve all discovered this truth.

–LM. (Authors Note: For the thousands of dead children recently unearthed in Canada’s schools.)


Needle me on,
like a Thai tattoo
its permanent pattern
on your skin
     like warm

[I’ll want to leave a mark]

& feel your calloused hands
                along my clavicle

                    Grip and leave a mark____

Cryptic is not the term I’d use for
Romantic and it’s not but goddammit
Aren’t you one in the same?

I’m to blame and I know it
I thought __
I thought I lost the wayward dreamer
               but now I don’t think I can
               I think she’s part of who I am



Keep those cards
         |close| though

Your tells are surely showing:

I also had this lesson and I was
Only taught Once___

but sometimes the soul speaks for you
                        it’s beautiful

It ignites your eyes and crescendos
your tone and suddenly your passions
               P.   L.   O.   D.   E.       |intofocus|

I wouldn’t miss it for the world

The flash of transformation
                       like a sprightly glory dream
                 A rosy rogation of
                     Who you truly are

I wouldn’t miss it for the world
I wouldn’t miss it



Yearning can know no interchange
                                [NO SOLICITING]
                                [NO >>>>TRADE]
it is the same record on mute
or so the sign says
The bold misunderstood translation

Along a bouquet of funeral flowers
           crushed wedding day doves
laid an eerie pastel flute
tuning ominous notes
for a deaf woman
            She has the most magnificent
                                  summer garden
            Asiatic lilies as big as your head

Goldenrod dreaming
Minus the gore
Sunrays on whisper white feathers & grey


{I passed out on the couch,
and I saw her benched there,
reminding me to ride her coaster.

Shut Doors

I was roaming in the dark
Searching for you and I hope
Dear God I hope you felt it too
I hope there’s some semblance of chance

Sweep my hair from my face
Curls and waves
Strawberry hemp mango trace
I am reaching out All the time

I think it’s in vain

I think you’ve been gone
I think I’m playing this [game?]

& you look on with glee
From your usual distance

Something told you to stay away
I am too volatile

Too… much [for you to handle]
Right now
Or any time