laughter’s best medicine never cured anyone

So Coolio is dead if you haven’t heard
  these unexpected deaths putting a for-sale sign on my soul
     feeling as though my own is imminent
        Have I sacrificed enough time
  to intoxication & belligerence
                      my mouth is full

  lips bare & glazed & prepared
      undividedly for your attention
              master this; unconsciousness

                I tread starry waters searching
       for the names of everyone who mapped out
     constellations & named them
     I have no idea how they traced the creatures of the zodiac or how astrology means absolutely nothing these days these days these days

               everything isn’t entertainment
          there goes my pragmatism
         & when the abstract becomes serious

      Give me a call: 443-XXX-XX98


you don’t make a sound out in space

Oh the drafts I soldered before this

     to be perfectly contrite I don’t deserve a second glance
   think you’ll find this out if you haven’t yet
      wish I could get off the warpath with all my supplies intact but they’re floating back

            I write a little too often about myself & the things I love
        [multi] verses like showing off my tattoos
              creating a molten clique of rejects
         you want to be a part of

        I play I know what I’m doing
            for fulfillment purposes only
          I know you can hear me
   though the tone is weakening
         I’m blasting off & blasting away

                using a radio to communicate
      I think I’ve got part of the answer


black sheepish

A peek through the peephole might cost you your life. Honey I’ve got nothing to say, anymore, I’m running on fumes

I heard knocking @ my front door
   & died just like that woman in NYC
     just checking to see who’s there
         when I’m yelling fire! instead of help

          I don’t bring anything to the table,
  so I’m going to pass – on
     I think you’d be shocked if you really knew my demeanor
     spoiler alert — I don’t finish my platelet
I don’t bring anything to the table,
  so I’m going to pass
     I think you’d be shocked if you really knew my demeanor
     spoiler alert — I don’t finish my plate

         all I know is this could have went


bird toys you bought for your pet velociraptor

  I don’t want your fairytale because Prince Charming doesn’t exist and if he did I wouldn’t want him either I want my player two to be my familiar in a world I have barely explored and hardly recognize it changes too fast & I’m terrified I need the grip but beware in durations I am caustic and I will lock the door when you leave without
                          a thing
        You’ll have to check your safe
            to see if I’ve gone missing
               you’ll have to check your cage
                  to see if I’ve flown it
           because the door was left wide open
      maybe| on purpose

                 I grow more restless
                     and demonstrative by the hour
         but if I hear your call
               make sure you really want a response


awake after midnight on a multi-line phone

A picture tells a thousand words so
by my count I’m dialing four and a quarter
    there’s no explanation for it neither

           LINE 1 ON HOLD
                 ANSWERING LINE 2

         [you can’t remember
                    & I’m getting a migraine

                       Everyone is dead]

               LINE 2 ON HOLD

  why are there bubbles in the water &
              this ghostly haze
        putting to sleep our beloved pets?

               Are we next?


technical problems with a divine pilot light

A spaceship came & took me aboard but they dropped me off in my own backyard I guess I’m not the best conversationalist

I like to think I have my own corner in the boarding house of my soul/ all my lifetimes of personality paid their rent. I saw it once from the inside in a dream like the human extraterrestrials I met.

So I sit outside under the stars and I count down to a permanent unexpected lift-off I’ve unintentionally disappointed everyone I know & still find the audacity to fight for myself its
b_   ounds
           though I suppose one of these lives left behind their firestarter

Authors Note: no-body believed me yet everyone wanted to read my diary I think they were only ever looking for a name


currency must be the oldest human language

there’s a lot I don’t say for your privacy’s sake or perhaps for my own peace of mind which is scarce if not impossible to find most of the time likening it to more than three million shipwrecks swallowed by the sea

I guess there’s more gold teeth than grains in the sand & I’m rattling mine
           wishing for the piddly little trinket
             worth billions
                to score pride


a girl hates the circus clown

Another vicious cycle
   Another circulation
     of the wheel of fortune
     but there’s no prize

I am not the fool
   & ne’er defeated
        I am at rest
   put yourself to bed
      the greatest act[or] just kissed his show

I guess you imagine me the bearded lady
       I guess the bearded lady is a whore too
I know this will ravage your soul
        it’s why you had to bury the proof

words are the ringleader’s greatest weapon
                   and mine
                      & landmine
                     & mine

             they all go off once you step on one



the most beautiful thing in the world

These dreams are my eternity
   as far as I’ve been told
     I am talking in my sleep &

     I’m still wondering what it means
  when I say I’ll never know what’s going on in your head

     @ any given moment
I’ll never know but I can guess
so I turn on American Beauty at 7 AM &
weep because I used to like Kevin Spacey

    but | now under new management

I’m obsessed with Ricky Fitts


2:33 AM

these insects in September won’t shut the fuck up from my dad’s back deck & I’m grateful I’m home but I’m still alone in spite of it

I’m egging on Winter to get drunk on silence swallowed by snow

apparently this is what freedom means
or maybe it just sounds like it
because the static in my limbs feels haptic feedback-ish

I don’t know the word came to mind and I looked it up

     life is a little bit of bullshit so it fit