the kind observer

the dreamy kinesis of falling feathers
as I mount an esoteric ladder
   I AM ungovernable at best
          temperamental at worst

   [researching spiritual rebirth &
                  the effect of sex
                                      hit the deck]

                  unleashing orgasmic bliss
                        from a canyon/ no,
        an awfully verbal mountain
                  comparative to myths
         of biblical proportion

             I spy/I spy

                     on your feet, now, soldier
            we are leaving


a girl loves an ambiguous grandisonant smith

I always ruminate on death & though I swallow the fact that it’s inevitable I serve the entity with a restraining order
         [knowing damn well it won’t stay away] perhaps it’s my aesthetic

                      no matter the case
        It’s only a paper slip
                to a human skull
      these words are
                    immortal/in that, you & I
           are supple peas in a mod

                weaving our legend

in the absence of light

        I sense poetry in all forms
   ____in every consumable
        it simply needs to be constructed
       from news articles on the expanding universe to brief snippets of conversation [seconds & seconds on seconds]

                my doomsday fate
       tragic shut in-case
    timid & belligerent to a world
        without you>>> fit for demolition


I woke expecting you there

I need undisturbed sleep
   I need not be consumed
    as silky smooth vore
     for the imaginative

          I need to keep my soul intact
    I’m screaming out in my dreams
             simultaneously not making a sound
         & when I creep up behind

              you’ll leap out of your skin


the gunbug

Press any key to continue

           Right now they’re indulging errors
    hoping for a system reset
           I can’t stand it when you stare
        while I’m powered down

                 under a pixelated sky
          green blocks of trees
                    & gifs of clouds

                                       scientists have made
                            a living skin replica
                                               for robots

               I guess Detroit isn’t far off


analog horrorshow.

the more I try to flesh out my creator the more I find myself estranged, there are times I am horrified but I hope against hope we are not really just a string of reality TV
               though I have proof we are always being watched, changing the channel requires another suit, another set, a change of patterned tie. How insatiable our audience.
            If you’re upset I swear you’ll wake up soon. Don’t let it win. I promise you’re going to remember everything. You’ll finally see yourself outside of yourself like a husk. Time is not fundamentally real.
               Goodbye for now.

/_> LM

the pussycat dilemma.

Hold me by the waist
   & let me slither on top
      as you sleep

   felines are supposedly soul thieves
       via your baby’s breath
     I would replicate that sentiment
        the cheshire grin
          that slowly fades out
      in your backyard
         unsettling stars

               & returning back
       in bed


prostitute named Faith in South Central

You took a leap of faith showing
               your face here,
                            gotta say I like it
     keep coming back.

     I’d tip you personally for your patronage
   because poetry is wet
               attention is golden
         & my words smell of death
     somewhere the carcasses of old
        bloom with stiff petals|
    collapse to dust

   You know this shit keeps me lifted?
         I read what I like and who
              I like are the ones ridged with
       passion, unafraid to get
                           their ass kicked

                I hope it’s not one sided
       I’ve had enough of unrequited love
                  for thirty one seasons



I am a far cry
         from the girl
   next                       door.
  A satin riot slipped in a human socket & all my turbulence comes with hurricane force winds, indulge me at your leisure/be prepared to greet the neverafter.
       I leave a glow behind like the green fairy, radioluminescence holding hands with thujone. A walking emergency exit sign lit all the time & I don’t mind because I prefer stars over streetlights. It reminds me of home.
       I am the succubus you summoned in your passenger seat. The lowlit mischievous eyes glimpsing the rearview, eying you as you drive. I can’t wipe the smirk off. It’s one of many birthmarks. I’ll direct you on my pallid map to

the rest of

                         what’s left.


chocolate chip waffles @ 0430

I am listening to Skeleton at 4 am
    cracked a can of Rockstar at 3
       when I woke
                 suddenly, like clockwork,

              always a tragedy
   & as the water starts to boil
        I hold onto my seat
               with my voyeuristic tendency
      and nightlight insecurity

                 shedding my exoskeleton

                       updating the procession
          with a new variant
                         [ & since they started
                  construction on this road/
                    this will never end
                            stop the press ]

      I wish I had these
                 thoughts to share
              with you, honey
         I know I wouldn’t feel so alone