say you see a thing like jelly sandal and it doesn’t remind you of anything at all not a single thought I’m pretty sure in a previous life I was a monk staring sky high @Tibet with three of your bloomed jasmine plants wondering how stars could suddenly change direction I want to fit your mould but I am never keeping my own promises
          isn’t that the worst thing we could have in common
      thirsting for connection
             switching to solar power
      & still unhappy
                because the fortune you earned
          paid for sunlight


the solace beyond overarching chaos

everyday there is such desire
  so woefully wasted without

                                        you,  ____,

           I tremble to grip it


the truth

I have a monopoly on privacy
  & inflation is our detriment

        We are so inflated
              with plastic
       we forget

    the dollar isn’t worth a dime


left on read

there’s a tale left untold in utero
I received the message loud & clear
      from a voice calm like an old friend

               I can be melted down
      I say, I’d show, if you want

               we received a radio signal
       from nine billion light years away
    I’m saying even if the message was important
           given the way
               the world is as of late
      I still think it’d be


picking my battles

Lately I’ve been observing what remains
   of Tracy Twyman
        & buying ankle chains

             both seem purposeful

       nevermind what’s trending on Twitter
    the celebrity chaos dulls
          to static
      white noise I fall asleep to
          when the Wild Hunt isn’t in pursuit


the gift tax.

people are constantly weighing
           Libran scales
       between what they want &
                          what they need

             modern society is too used to what’s superfluous to tell the difference
                      no matter how stark

           I’ve got gift cards I’ve yet to spend the
     time left out of my life expectancy check & found out God doesn’t deliver on weekends


impatient output.

How long before I have to beg
        how long before I’ve lost all sense?

     Where did my lonely mind go
   if not to be swallowed whole and tongue caressed withheld
         by your loving mouth

                 as far as Neanderthal comets go
         I’ll wait for February

                      exhaling steam



here & gone like Lisa Marie Presley
     trying not to catastrophize affairs
   of the heart but

         they were in fact


he said she said

For some reason there’s this assumption because I say nothing I have nothing to say
                        it’s a little hurtful
                      trust me
                         I won’t prattle
                about the gasps for air I take
           the sleep I don’t have
                       the constant urge


the debt

Today has been a concrete Christmas
      a cold & woeful day warming
          sometime this coming week

                & All will be as if it never even
                 I’d surmise

                     If I had a nickel and dime