she said children give her nightmares

I am full of other people’s secrets
          most often I’ve forgotten

unless whoever has told
                reminds me not to tell
     there’s been plenty of slip ups yet
                   I don’t have to ask for another
            I am spoonfed chaos

                   [battery low]
           the sweetest treat


strange lyrics

I am not bloody Mary or Elizabeth Bathory I’m not attempting to hang you for your sacrilege nor your blood

I speak of myself quite unfondly I assure
       I don’t wanna start every line with I
               like I’m self involved
   but I preside over my demise

           So if on the sidebar
               you’d find me amused

           Nothing runs that deep


knowing no bounds

I am an early settler of this world
    called Eyeball City,
            a unique voice
        you can hope to
             but I would not want you to

               take the splint pieces
    of my broken heart at will
          and I will wipe my bloody eyes
                 for grief for you

                  there was only ever one outcome
       to this Fantasia storyline
           & while the colors and symbols play
                 I will cement my place


like caramel

Affect me gently it’s the way
   I like to be treated
      it’ll calm my predisposition

Would it be possible if I could
    get your number let’s
      stay in touch

             Take my touch
     it’s so undemonstratively appealing
          love to love to love you

                Let’s stay in tune
       & dissipate
                 like caramel
                    without the taste

                  Let’s do in each other’s
      puzzle muzzle pieces
          & correlate


plastic interaction

Dolls kill____

    when babies munch on their plastic parts not knowing they were ever private
     cutting out jutting geometric pieces of the carpet
          & placing them back

            I’ve always keep epoxy in my pocket
                   exasperating my doctors
       wishing it cost as much as my medication
                   seven thousand dollars a bottle


out of honey

I know it’s Thanksgiving
    but can I just say
   I hate the fucking holidays
                   just another chance
                    for me to Eeyore
                all over your Pooh


AUTHORS NOTE: Happy Turkey Day ♥

drafting my apology

Dear WordPress,

    we are not the same two seconds ago
       as we are two seconds later
  & the people that inhabit you

      make me feel


        For once in this life, but youknow
    you are needed and
          I can’t help but recenter myself
    here knowing your tribe




           I hate to break it but

                    I need you;



my blood, I can’t stand your pain
   the devastation is category five
       & every wall is broken

         take good care of my bleeding heart
          water it incessantly
                  it is the only thing of value

                             I have to give


the mushroom cloud born in the 1700s

Stop licking psychedelic toads
    the park service warns
   you’ll see Cleopatra’s tomb too
      greatest discovery of the 21st century
                                      [as of now,
                     it’s not as if we’re all not pawing
             for recollecting ourselves
                       on some level
             fuck your copycat filter]

        I’ve been accused of eccentricity
            & that used to bother me
      immensely thank God for ingenuity
              & now I’m just a bomb
      set me off I’m begging you



happy anniversary says WordPress

Six years have slithered past
   the time I’ve kissed your neck
      from the chopping block
         & slammed it back

  I love and hate this fucking place
      that’s how I know
                      it feels just like home
   & now six years have gone right by
         and I am picking off the barnacles

   I’m hoping I don’t short circuit
          depart and blackout
    I need you to know
         I don’t want to sleep alone