a new lease on life

I’m on a backlog somewhere
  reserving breakable tombstones
      for howling children
        that I don’t know,
           & have no discipline
     [there’s gotta be somewhere
       anywhere|else            to go]

                    where it’s silent as the snow
                      I wasn’t this violent
                                            before, you know
                I wasn’t this heartless
                          in an instant
                          & now. . .

I’m gone.



I could watch [this movie] forever
  one where you’re a main character
    people believe you’re famous,
     because you were born ace-high,

conjuring coyote magic

with your eyes/
paint the sun again & send it
   so I can see the world in a new light
      once more



Ariel was part piranha
     that’s what Disney didn’t tell you
         about Prince Eric’s
               happy ending
              it also doesn’t describe
       nor identify who lies under the sea
              where there’s a skeleton
                    just that there was a Melody
                I’ve made my peace


and so

there are riches untold with no lock
            in a pool
                   of ink
         eight arms extension | hold
                  future memories nostalgia



a red and black glow
  volcanoes on distant planets
      eruption in full writhe
        buoyant or not, space has become
               a playground for two

     I feel like the White Swan
       approaching violently: apropos of
        high level anxiety/ missing in action
                                                without you
                 over REM sleep & dreams
           [still binding my feet
                but I think the razors are working
                     you’ll see]


rogue sender

somewhere there’s a fiddler loose
  toying with my strings, I mean,
   pulling buttons loose
    I mean| unscrewing nuts & bolts
  driving alone on an empty road
  paved with every decadent intention

   someone give me directions
  to his doorstep
        better yet/ the man himself
   give me an envelope
      to pack and mail
        stamp it
     & I’ll sign it

               [truly yours]


idyllic arrival

I sent a message in braille
   I didn’t expect one back
    I didn’t expect you
  but I’ll open the door

    [Better yet ] I’ll give you a key
        like it’s a reunion
          how’s my apocalyptic fashion
                             cents [on the dollar,


fruit bat/deja vu

I’m stringing lights
   making you a sweater
you cannot wear
    until the weather bre/aks
  we don’t have to worry about holidays
      they’re made for people like us
  & I think I’d be stunned
     if it were different
  hate to be ordinary
  hate to see the same thing
  one more fucking time
         so I’ll tether the twinkles together
            to say something like past tense
                 & present perfect


white moose

the ghost in the clearing
   I’m still rubbing my eyes
    I’m still holding my breath
         this is one instance I will never forget

Halfcock the muzzle &
      adorn the kid gloves
          raise my sights
              all-snow devouring sound

    & I’m still grinning
            like a shot fox