the fabulous neologism

I am a Pacman for secrets
         I love to absorb your l[o]st
      while you call me divorced/

         Ever wonder if Sheogorath
                             had a brilliant point?

                        This work is my Wabbajack


the kind observer

the dreamy kinesis of falling feathers
as I mount an esoteric ladder
   I AM ungovernable at best
          temperamental at worst

   [researching spiritual rebirth &
                  the effect of sex
                                      hit the deck]

                  unleashing orgasmic bliss
                        from a canyon/ no,
        an awfully verbal mountain
                  comparative to myths
         of biblical proportion

             I spy/I spy

                     on your feet, now, soldier
            we are leaving


the gunbug

Press any key to continue

           Right now they’re indulging errors
    hoping for a system reset
           I can’t stand it when you stare
        while I’m powered down

                 under a pixelated sky
          green blocks of trees
                    & gifs of clouds

                                       scientists have made
                            a living skin replica
                                               for robots

               I guess Detroit isn’t far off


the pussycat dilemma.

Hold me by the waist
   & let me slither on top
      as you sleep

   felines are supposedly soul thieves
       via your baby’s breath
     I would replicate that sentiment
        the cheshire grin
          that slowly fades out
      in your backyard
         unsettling stars

               & returning back
       in bed


the function of awe

Someone compared me once
      to Gretchen Ross,
          when I was in school
          & I twirled away the hour

         chasing skeleton jumpsuits
     & gray hoodies
           knowing someday
    someone would see Frank, too


epic failure

observing the hope of silence
    an ancient relic I read about once
   disturbing as human testing alien tech

         My best being just shy
                  of good enough
     it seems, wars spill over

             & I know it can’t get
         much colder in here
             would I had you/


the omphalos

in a banquet hall I overhear soldiers
    talk of near death experiences
      & phantom kings on their doorstep

                      masked by wings

@ 3AM I’m literally hoping/
          & I’d be unsurprised if
   [beneath the crown]

             it was you
                      the whole time