Thermal transactions &
flesh to flesh couplings
amidst a frozen body
Silent, still, frostbit

Somehow, some way,
not a limb has melted
& despite the flame of life
Raging, surrounding
this saccharine morgue

the lips are purple
eyes as blue
as my skin


Hang One On

Dash blurred through the peephole
discreet nocturne & its
glimmering frigid shadow

Have you gone to grasp. . .yet?/
& tear the legs of my love
like a rug from beneath me?

Will I hold in a noxious chamber
agasp for yet another blood vessel to burst
in his brain?

I struggle to capture his voice
The forget-me-never’s baby
his hair ice white and now I truly realize
what the raven meant when it said war


(Authors Note: Ican’tsavehim)

No Rest for the…

Insomnia/decrepit feeble
Can somebody please
put me out of my misery
please (put me to sleep)

My mind,
I wonder of its lately damage
I wonder if the scars have managed
To grow

It keeps me awake, you know

It keeps
My eyes



There is always something left
to be desired
I remain alight
Aflame/ slowdancing to your choir

& in the silence of snowfall
cresting a dark angel’s wingspan
pleading to the multiverse
for fates helping hand

I’ve broken so many promises
I don’t think I’ve left one to stand
Can we just pretend I never made a single [one]
Can’t we just pretend


The Trap

Embrace me, your majesty,
I’ll decorate your robes
In tragedy,
Kiss me quickly, passionately
You won’t feel a thing. . .

The poison moistening my lips
Renders your heart paralyzed
but I promise you
Soon, too, you shall pass

Sliding into weightless slumber
To never again have another
&I’ll mark you off on the roster
With tremendous ecstasy


Once Upon A Time

The vagabond in the shaft
Gripping his wound in the raft(ers)
Laughing/___bleeding out
I heard him

Shadows flit and flicker across his face
like a children’s playground
The bags under his eyes
Holding purple

His teeth are dug into the way
Vikings used to do
After every kill
To terrify his prey

Full moon out tonight, he says
Glaring deep with bloodlust
I cannot move



Sometimes the ache is hereditary
&while I look across the booth
Into my father’s eyes, listening***
He describes the death of his grandfather
& eyes blue so like mine laced with tears

the contortions/

I’ve seen this pain before

He tells me, you’re not saying much &
No, I’m not because everything I say
Is wrong – wrong time or
wrong choice of words
That’s what I’m used to
Fucking up

Hard to imagine I’m 30
Hard to imagine you haven’t straightened
Your life

At all


Lost At Sea

s e p a r a t e d/

torn apart by miles
of gluttonous ocean

peppered with reflective vessels
in between


If-only I could build you a raft
if I wore a vest/

But I can’t swim

And you’re not trying. . .
I’m not bereft of hope

That we may always meet
On the other end