I wake before the birds sing
& before the blue glow
My body is trained to do so

This headache travels from one side of
My                                                   Brain/

Totheother and
I don’t know if I should worry _
Or if anything is worth worrying

[There’s so much shit
I wanna tell you now]

Like how I know it’ll never be the same
We can’t build-back together
You can’t empathize with pain
& you can’t/
_grease my palm

into forgetting you were always:

by every/any/one else’s side



My Vote Was Yes

The threat of loss
makes me a beastly creature
                                       and yet

the thought of loss
(determinate) on
(Who why & what)

Brings me to peace

Some kind of peace


My Life Sentence

Don’t you dare judge me
Pretending —-
you’re my judge and jury

Poor you, the faint martyr
Who knew a little>>>>>           distance

do me good

& raise me from your sickness

Who knew but [me]
That in the end
You could do a 360
& find
there’s no one in the box

cheering your superiority

Bang your gavel and let it rest
I’ve served my life sentence


The Predator

I know you!

We’ve met

and again

Your. . . soul– what’s
left of it
seems to
               bounce ^
around with
               different skin


4AM Train

A generation of trauma

Near misses
Full on hits
the impact
is enormous

A generation of lovesickness

Reaching out
into some sort of abyss
preaching praise &
dividing secrets

At dawn’s infancy burning
yawning caverns of loss
smelling of sugar, cigarettes
and citrus

Yearning for respite
searching for perfection
[the passage of escape]
Be it smoke, drink, blade
A generation of trauma

& the train


(Photo by 

Matthew Malkiewicz)


I remember a time
when the power cut out
& suddenly noticing
how many fireflies
sparkled that night

I thought, breathing summer in &
so content,
each firefly, like us, has
its own message
they only flicker to their rhythm
in their time, at their pace

In that moment, briefly perceiving
a little… precisely how
a higher power
could make sense
of us



The war is now, the white raven
warned, and you’ll touch the sky
when you raise your sword:

Even if the battle is ruthless,
you’ll progress, knowing,
you wore it all on your sleeve.

His lips will move,
but the message
is lost in the dark

& through those shadows there
you may find peace in shedding your skin
knowing you can begin anew

as once impenetrable fog is whisked
A.              W.            A.              Y.



My nose has stopped bleeding
but I still taste metal,
(I’ve stopped searching for the moon)

My rosy lenses now shattered pieces
I see you, glass and stone _

Its got to End (worn game, your charade)
With a taut voice you chisel love
& inspire rage, dis


I have to ask: is this
right now?

I have to ask: will you ever learn? (Or)
Use your identity just to remind (guilttrip)
Who gave me birth?

I learned a long time ago I was never first
I learned a long time ago:
Who was first
Was it you?
Or your extension?


          (AUTHORS NOTE: you play me too often, even if you dislike the song)