cold in my bones

deflated all over when I read Robin Williams was diagnosed
     with dementia
        three months before he died

so glad you understand

& sorry I’ve been tongue tied
    I’ve been sick
     to be honest I can’t pinpoint the source

         it took me out all by itself
   like a boy’s first date
  unfortunately I think it ended the same
        Trojan horse I failed to saddle


the auxiliary label

it seems fatal heart attacks are more common on blue Mondays
         suffice to say its not hard to get away with murder just ask the 45 bags of human body parts found in Mexico & it doesn’t always take a weapon to dismember a person if you aim for their ego
      I would know I’ve never been a fan of fragile but reading my best friends email just means I mean I mean that personally I do honestly admire trust the way I admire faith & I’m really taking a risk but maybe peace isn’t just a filter

                [do not bend
                     do not stack
                     do not crush]


the mosquito

on the contrary I think I’ll be okay without the black flag waving in the water I can ignore it from the harbor I don’t have many people I let in there are more I shut out & I’m not a fan of being taken for a fool so
                I’ve finally decided to worry about me because nobody is saving me except me

            & don’t I love playing easy difficulty all blood & honey & laughter
           you’d think I was missing the s in slaughter but red is not my color who has time for mind games anymore the issue dealing with moonshine [and I’m talking about the satellite] is it’s always there regardless of what the sun thinks of it
          annoying fact innit


on rhetoric

I am charging my battery with a sp li t cord looking for the brighter side of no surprise brows wrinkling over dentists’ warnings & how you shouldn’t wet your toothbrush before adding toothpaste I’m thinking as if that’ll change any time soon
            shaking my head over jaded accusations exhaling for five seconds just need a little meditation maybe some mediation I’m absorbing information taking in presidential bids & AI clones feeling troubled for the new generation scrolling around facing your about-face maybe rearranging my poker face too as Anne Sexton put it & I couldn’t have said it better it is June and I am tired of being brave


the Playstation showcase was a disappointment
        a lot of color not enough substance

Had I known you were looking for the ethereal I would’ve sent you the eye and been on my way
      turns out even God has a conspiracy against you
        [just an inside joke]

people have a vain habit
     of making my work about themselves
   that’s my fault I know you’re onto me you’ve got to be I know you’re reading stop butchering my pitch its the bottom of the ninth and I’m a conspiracy favorite maybe right now is too soon
                  for all things to sink
                                    in but

         you’ve got to know I call first dibs
   on your acceptance to the academy
        it was a fine showing
                   under your concrete
        I’m that seed with
                  blossoms no one but me could water properly
         I thought we were one but two
     is always the better

          Now listen here

: LM

the missing adrenaline

Tina Turner is dead
              pass the satellite phone Senator

I’ve got a message: I’ve never been more covetous of anything other than Jo Cameron’s genetics
     & speaking of surviving another armageddon
lest we forget the sixty thousand pounds of explosives that’re bound to show @ the next false flag event I’m
         heartbroken face like a wet weekend all I’m left singing is what’s love got to do with it?


what was left of Lucy

sometimes the tiniest sound makes me jump out of my skin they say I’m not focused hard enough muting my emotions
    though I’m not good at it like a bad business slogan the more you play with it the harder it gets
          call me a regular Mrs. Lovett I’ll take a dive for Benjamin Barker there’s no way he’d throw me in the oven is it loneliness or desperation they already call me a mad woman for being a pincushion
         she said I think I’m not too shabby a 10 just sick in the head and she never
                                          fucking  sleeps


melatonin overdoses surge

Cheers to you for a job well done!
   No one can compare to your creativity
   & passion
   it’s no surprise you’ve been so successful

           you overcame so many obstacles
    to achieve this win
          & your perseverance is an inspiration
   to everyone

Here’s where I draw lines of success in pen somebody give me a dollar amount
      I’ve got less than a month to figure this out something stripped me for parts then sold me to a junkyard don’t ask me how I am how I was or where I’m going I won’t know the know-how
              I lost my way a few miles back but we’ve met along this path I’m low on iridium I think it’s poisonous I’m halving the dosage

I hope you’re as happy as we are! I can’t wait to celebrate you winning this award____