hither and thither

I’m sorry,

     I’ve got my fingers in a lot of pies
       & I may scare you sometimes
   because I’m here one second
             quickly gone
                          the next

                          Look up
               from [the lift]

         holding just one suspender
               throwing plenty of white feathers
                      to soften my f

         it’s alright to be suspicious of the            multidimensional
                  you’ll see what I mean thoroughly |
                                            like near-death

                      under October skies


laughter’s best medicine never cured anyone

So Coolio is dead if you haven’t heard
  these unexpected deaths putting a for-sale sign on my soul
     feeling as though my own is imminent
        Have I sacrificed enough time
  to intoxication & belligerence
                      my mouth is full

  lips bare & glazed & prepared
      undividedly for your attention
              master this; unconsciousness

                I tread starry waters searching
       for the names of everyone who mapped out
     constellations & named them
     I have no idea how they traced the creatures of the zodiac or how astrology means absolutely nothing these days these days these days

               everything isn’t entertainment
          there goes my pragmatism
         & when the abstract becomes serious

      Give me a call: 443-XXX-XX98


you don’t make a sound out in space

Oh the drafts I soldered before this

     to be perfectly contrite I don’t deserve a second glance
   think you’ll find this out if you haven’t yet
      wish I could get off the warpath with all my supplies intact but they’re floating back

            I write a little too often about myself & the things I love
        [multi] verses like showing off my tattoos
              creating a molten clique of rejects
         you want to be a part of

        I play I know what I’m doing
            for fulfillment purposes only
          I know you can hear me
   though the tone is weakening
         I’m blasting off & blasting away

                using a radio to communicate
      I think I’ve got part of the answer


blame it on my Libra ascendant

Something has gone wrong

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the reason I’m so touch & go is the same as it was years ago and it didn’t matter then so why read me now reaching out & far beyond internalizing everything far too late we don’t change we die & shape-shift we live and we transform still the same miserable Ditto popping out of pokeballs on command &

            deflating its master changing color with its mood never not the world’s first dangerous chameleon


black sheepish

A peek through the peephole might cost you your life. Honey I’ve got nothing to say, anymore, I’m running on fumes

I heard knocking @ my front door
   & died just like that woman in NYC
     just checking to see who’s there
         when I’m yelling fire! instead of help

          I don’t bring anything to the table,
  so I’m going to pass – on
     I think you’d be shocked if you really knew my demeanor
     spoiler alert — I don’t finish my platelet
I don’t bring anything to the table,
  so I’m going to pass
     I think you’d be shocked if you really knew my demeanor
     spoiler alert — I don’t finish my plate

         all I know is this could have went


an interlude

You appear in the world
     for a blink/

           a transient phenomenon
      the human substorm
            for all your intensity

  I never once could’ve anticipated
               you’d become the halo
       around my shadow


bird toys you bought for your pet velociraptor

  I don’t want your fairytale because Prince Charming doesn’t exist and if he did I wouldn’t want him either I want my player two to be my familiar in a world I have barely explored and hardly recognize it changes too fast & I’m terrified I need the grip but beware in durations I am caustic and I will lock the door when you leave without
                          a thing
        You’ll have to check your safe
            to see if I’ve gone missing
               you’ll have to check your cage
                  to see if I’ve flown it
           because the door was left wide open
      maybe| on purpose

                 I grow more restless
                     and demonstrative by the hour
         but if I hear your call
               make sure you really want a response


you spin me __ __ __ __ __

I’ve been protected like a nuclear weapon
     because the mess I can create
                     is no different
when it
d           r               o                 p                 s

I cannot contain the smile on my face
             because I’m relying on your fixation
          these treasures I’ve unearthed
                           are legendary, you’re legendary

                & our gift/ it’s all divine timing
         it’s never been about my ego
      I’m still trying to understand this myself
             but I need your help
     I think together
                    we can alter the rotation


no black box when my plane went down

I want to shrink this labyrinth
   to a little note and leave it on the table
       like an IOU

           I am nestled on an island & the worst
     part is there’s no ship coming in,
                                           ever, so
         I better get used to crustaceans and
   coconuts, since
         all I’ve seen recently are silver wings and
                                      speechless banners



I’m looking several car lengths ahead
    I was still blind behind
        the wheel
            & I totaled my car

           this uncertainty is ~~~
     making more sense every day

     I’m treating my doors & windows
  to flawless clarity
       I’m turning the volume way down
   so I can see

              & it’s still not helping
         I can’t trust the passenger
     trust me, I don’t think I could ever
           make it on my own

            so cover up there’s a chill
        we’re getting closer to my season
              I feel