3D chess

We can tolerate a familiar pain
   for months on end, for years
    & scour bottom to top
      for guidance when it’s been
        inside us all along

       so whenever you’re ready
          to step into the light

        be that as it may,
          pretty but not bright
            littered with potholes
        [ode to self reflection]

           Low we lay stealthy true selves
             elsewise we’d always be caught


hurtling towards earth

They’re calling the arriving
coronal mass ejection
     cannibalistic, but the effect
          may trigger the lights
            I see you’re drenched in
               on a regular basis.

                    You affect everything,
        Winter —> Spring & prove everyone wrong

gliding heights unknown
        while itty-bitty us cling
                to the sidewalk.


reality is made of steel

idealists lay their own trap
               without the use of tripwire

      with those rose colored lens
          they’re always afloat a thousand feet    
          where everything is pillowed and safe
                      & everyone is stuffed,
                their touch is comforting


burn, technoking, burn

No, I don’t know what nor HOW MUCH it
must mean when you bend backwards
for me

I must be educating
        as a person

& I never said I’m worth it

I never said I can bring time or multiply
    [I think you know, though]
        we stalk the same shadows

         it’s almost criminal, isn’t it?


I am terrified of the oven

Baby you’re caramelized like the fish I just made, even if you’re blackened you’re good enough to eat. I could take you raw and roll you like sushi. Oh if only you knew me.

Let the Molly seep in, then we can play pretend we’re in between thought & recipe. Let me sprinkle in some minced spice, gingerly I’ll wait for you to anticipate quiet time between us is not quiet at all. We can’t classify the explosion.

You & I make up the reality for a peaceful nuclear explosion. I think as long as the lights are low no one can tell the difference between us & a power surge.



Pushing aside metal carcasses
   like hoisting myself up
       from underneath

      I couldn’t tell you
           the elusive moment I was
                 born again

         this war paint
         is ferocious
             but my war stance
                  is focused

             could you respect me
                if I warned you
                   interest is dangerous?
                    could you worship me then?

                  I am but a silver sift
                    through which I divide
                      & compartmentalize & decode
                         obscure language

we have the potential to be the best/ of friends

           I hear lies everyday
             that’re ghastly
                what makes you think
                  I can’t hear you, too?


paranoia &

Suspicious but listening to lethal aid like a romance starring a syringe, close my eyes while you penetrate and eviscerate the thinnest layer of pink skin.

We’re all code silver, we’re all hostages under the Sun withstanding and simultaneously hating the pressure to shelter in place. There isn’t a soul who kept up with my abrupt pop into reality without a wound, even my mother couldn’t tell you.. I came out elbow first

& now I’m beaming on cloud nine reaching for God like I’ve had intimate partnerships with his angels, all one of a kind and equally immeasurable. The way they touch makes me feel like I’m a cluster A+ personality, even if I’m just listening to your voice over the phone: a once in a lifetime specialty.

Let’s continue. Even if I’m speechless.


victory seeks

& when I look around
        everything is aflame
          perhaps, even you
           when the thunder roars

       I thank restless heavens
         and an unknown controller
                     for rain


[Inspired by The Last Kingdom S5:E10]

we’re all battling fear

I think lying near the bottom
     of all my rage
      & towards the center pit
        of all my sadness
            is the unrelenting promise
          people continuously depart &
             go dark but

    New souls take up to tour
                                   my cyclical life
                   I never need to know much
                        besides the weather,
                yet our president is discussing
                                   a new world order.

I am in love with forbidden speech.
     Dare you expose yourself
      to mass formation psychosis?
         That curtain has long been drawn.
            It’s already where we’re swimming.
   Are we all deep? No. We are all dangerous.  

All we’re given are cynical sagas
      We’re just living our ancestors’ traumas
       Let’s talk philosophy like Socrates
         & stay on the phone til three AM
        I want to hear your dreams
      The kind you cannot forget.
        Even the ones you thought faded

  [I want to bring them into focus/]


jumping the shark never works out

Sitting on tower steps analyzing the frequency
of raindrops, wondering if the sun thinks it’s hidden when the sky is white & I’m the one overcast. Peek, peek through and light me up, turn my tongue red with blood. I like the metallic taste. Let’s shake on who survives this, gambling on the outcome of the rapture. Rebuild me in a moment with just a touch of your hand.

Set me to private & kiss me once. I’ll never tell a soul. They’ll never believe me anyway. I’ll never misuse your name, you’re heaven sent & I didn’t believe the universe even liked me until I prayed in silence for you

It’s natural we’d exterminate protocol. It runs in our veins, the clash the silent motivation. No one can hear us coming unless we let them. It stomps the nerves of the weak hearted. We run the plot and cast the characters, we run a disturbing show.

                      & when we’re gone

there is no credit scene