I can’t explain how I feel out loud
since I know others have it all wrong
Mindful there’s always someone
worse off
& right now it’s just me____
And a potential future down the bottle

So where’s the light at the end of the tunnel
Or am I just going to catch it tomorrow
Speeding towards a new day’s uncertainty
A truant kind of destiny?
I have not been taking care of myself lately so
I know I should start there

But a devil on my shoulder hisses it’s
“A fruitless endeavor; you’re meant to fail
whatever you came here for it’s not there
and no one cares, now suck it up,
spit it out, every bad memory taking shape in your mouth”
Don’t ever leave, don’t ever try

Just pray you’ll survive the night


A Haunting

I refuse cremation; I want a stone
marking my existence, if nothing else,
If no great accomplishment//
If I couldn’t discover a medication
that could cure the world’s ailments

Fuck a rich man’s tomb! I want a stone
Festered with the earth’s electric field
I want to hang over a mourner’s shoulder seamlessly dry their tears

From the misty beyond, breathless & in
No need of breath
A gentle call surpassing death,
I want a stone



Within quickly crumbling ruins
gravel and bricks glimpsing
a massive liquid flame
gorging on what’s left of the city

No one knows how close
All they see is smoke
Somehow, the fear dissipates
Striking against the atrocity

It’s not human nature to accept death
& when you see the sun blot out
you lose yourself to the stone

Immortality may not mean
What you think it means
Love and fear encapsulated
Withstanding the test of time



The child is doomed
there’s attempt to breathe the words
& pinpoint the Perpetrator(s)
but the Fear chokes

&it leaves behind
bruises/ golf ball sized
Handprints alike scalding burns
when the sun rises & sets there
is starvation

A buzzard on the horizon
but wide eyes gaze from cages
& shudder


(Authors Note: child abuse is abhorrent in every form/ the depths where it can go is too deep and dark to stifle/ children need to be protected!)


Love it!!

La Gatita Oscura

You dare me
and I hate it.

You call upon me to exist;
to show my face;
to crawl out and shout my own name:
and I hear its empty echo off your skin
like a scream in a storm.

My answer never enough,
you haunt me with insistence;
A vivacious laugh
in the face of the dead,
which fades slowly,

You will call me again,
and I will answer,
and you will never know,

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The Silent Spectator

So, so good!!

The deceptive minds

I am named after
places and people.
I separate
places and people.

They soak me with piss,
never thank me.
They graffiti me,
call it art.

Weathering skin
and fractures
are just my facade.

I am old yet rigid,
I have seen everything.
Seen the empires fall in a day.
Seen the atrocities at night.

Seasons sore and scar me,
I have witnessed
every crime.
Before me and behind me.

I protect the inside world
from the outside.
Sadly, I hide truths of the inside world
from the outside.

Do these things bother me?
I don’t know.
I’m just a wall.

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Raw, potent immersion in
a single scorpion’s dangerous scuttle
the mouth watering taste of
wine colored berries dripping
shades of blood

How organic, the intensity:
Almost too much!
Look the scorpion in the eyes but
God forbid, dodge the tail
Possessive it becomes when enamoured
A scrupulous dance!

Lustrous and lustful
Wafts of smoky intimidation
snickers & passion
I can sense their aura
out of a crowd of people

Meet their gaze & lose sense
Of mind
& soul

–LM. (Authors Note: Exhaustive)


My own mother, my best friend,
my boss, all Virgoan.

The maiden, the celestial virgin,
representatives of the valorous woman who refused to leave
even when the gods themselves
Fled Olympus.

Instead she chose to live among Us
until humanity had too many irons
In the fire & struck a chord
a hasty retreat to an overhanging,
endless curtain of night

She learned but dismissed
the peoples’ violence
Turned her nose up in disgust
& now she’s stitching