I think I finally have the chance
     I think I finally possess the guts
           & I’m finally mourning not just
    for a girl who left on a Greyhound bus

              I’m mourning for a woman
                    martyr like Icarus
                  defied Daedalus & flew
                         too close to the
            Goddamn            /              sun
                        burning up the last bits
                    [If there were ever any before
                                                            or since]
                                  of her innocence

                              In that mottled
                               D is so ci at I n g¿

                       what’s left is this itty
                       bitty                        chrysalis
                        with this fragile-winged
                                               butterfly in it
& no one fucking knew____

                                    when it finally sp/lit
                         its soul was holographic


6 thoughts on “Holographic

  1. Sublime images and metaphors here Lauren.
    “martyr like Icarus who defied Daedalus”
    “decaying D is so ci at I n g¿
    Process___________” that’s beautiful and original.
    Deciphering your D is so ci at I n g¿ was delightful😜
    Once again, the interplay of form and message is fluid and enjoyable.
    thanks for that great read👏. pretty inspiring.

    Liked by 1 person

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