In the star-scattered night,
              a breadth of graphite fog
            split like thighs for you
                                 the warrior
                        deceptively alone
                casting a sudden|bloodlust gaze
                                  for freedom
             roaming for     wealth
              histrionics & steel
                 A deadly combination
         moreso than the ornate two handed
                   & the fresh tattoos on his back

              Devastation & reimposition
                            runs the gamut of
           the process/ what I’d become in a
                              firelight flicker
              for a moment, a wink, a.

                                   of his love


[Photo credit goes to a screenshot from a Steam community for Senua’s Sacrifice]

10 thoughts on “Kærasti

  1. It’s alive … great..after reading, a scene from John Boorman’s movie Excalibur appeared, when Uther Pendragon, magically transformed into Arthur, crashes into a castle and falls in love with Igraine … armor reflections…

    ,,This is my boyfriend ” and this is…. theweesmirk:) Nice !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am very pleased, Lauren, I am honored to meet you, my name is Lubomír 🙂

    And its ok,
    happily just listening to Solstafir, album Otta, an Icelandic band and as I saw the word in the title of Your beautiful medieval poem… was struck by an Icelandic warrior, so looked on the net, don’t know everything :)… don’t even know who I am 🙂

    Lauren … very nice name

    Poet Lauren … Warrior Lauren …:)

    Floor Jansen from Nightwish doesn’t mind at all when I write her “Goddess” its unreal experience of being on a live chat with her via Youtube … wow. 🙂 and when writing brought me here, To you, write everywhere, still, fight, never give up, let your imagination lead you … wherever … when you have a written sheet of paper in front of you …. You know this feeling..its like…YOU know!

    Have a nice and wonderful day, darkness has taken over the government here in the Czech Republic … Lauren, unexpected, thank you!

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