Play Along

Caught in a chasm between two worlds,
standing for one and barely visible,
so faint you can scarcely see
                                       my cellophane

I blink off screen and reappear
                                    somewhere else
          I’ve drunk away night & day
                      an unbridled sort of mankind
                                  lately I find
                                        I’m not able to cry

       [I think the tears will well but never fall
                                      if that’s any sort of
                                consolation at all]

            in time I think by design I will

                             my destiny’s end

           Whether I look forward to fire &
                               or simply the other side
                                     of this galactic veil
                          is my Creator’s kiss and tell

           It may come like a thief in the night
               in my sleep, or before my eyes,
                 [whatever is up there has spared
                       me too many times]

I shall not know.
And neither will you.


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