Sometimes I wonder if
              inside this exhibitionist
                 existence you must
                    realize what I can
             [ this is the fastest way ]
                  I do communicate,
        do you believe in love’s endurance?
        do you believe this assurance/
                   《 better yet 》   in me?

Maybe if I whisper it, this
                  widely known secret
                  I unmasked the fact quite early,

Gilded in summer air, under summer stars
               & now, for you, by you I am
                       gartered, aglow                       undone



7 thoughts on “Undone

  1. Lauren…sometimes Your words…. they are from inside…of me….strange! Very nice…. read my thoughs and see my feelings on Your page…and litlle scary:) Probably we have same look on world..sometimes is the best place in time ! sometimes is….too painful.
    Great poem of Yours!

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