no black box when my plane went down

I want to shrink this labyrinth
   to a little note and leave it on the table
       like an IOU

           I am nestled on an island & the worst
     part is there’s no ship coming in,
                                           ever, so
         I better get used to crustaceans and
   coconuts, since
         all I’ve seen recently are silver wings and
                                      speechless banners


4 thoughts on “no black box when my plane went down

  1. Dear poet. I wanted to disappear for many years. But love made me live. Now I have five grandchildren. I learn. All of us have reasons to be alive. Once I held a 30-30 to my head and my grandmother called me. She told me. Baby boy, we need you. Please come and see me. I love you so. I put the rifle down and I lived. Powerful and wonderful poetry dear poet.

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      1. Tonight I am tire. I know five grandchildren need their grandpa. I must stay alive for them. Today I want to run. But life teaches us. We are what we leave behind. Thank you kind friend for reading and the comment.

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