I had two hours of sleep
  I’m starting to come to the conclusion
    that there’s  [something wrong
                             with me, but| I snake
                                through the front door &
                                  still my nerves dance
                                     the tarantella]
   it’s raining
     and it’s not that I forgot an umbrella
      I don’t have one___ I’m listening
       to love songs, they haunt me like
        wanting you___ it never ends
                this widow on my calf
                   a w a k e n s


tuck and roll

here’s why two and two
  don’t make four per usual
     the compound:
           they may be twenty two
             they may be two × two
              they may be matrices
                                which in all three cases
                                     stand individually

now this is more thinking out|
      loud               》                  side
                at 3 o’clock because
                   I can’t sleep &
                       I’m sorry
                         I just

after you
                      too much


authors note: see you when it’s appropriate to say good morning

shadow puppets

I think can hear you twisting
  in the dark & the sheets
  gathering and flattening
   right in place__ your thigh
    and my palm are in the same
    exact state

     [stretched thin]
   I love how your esoteric eyes
    turn like clockwork
     under wa×ve×s of stimulation
      I’ve seen a glimpse of
          how dark they become
            I know how consumed
          I shall be  [for I am already]



dear sorcerer,
   I need to know how to control time
   I am just another girl, interrupted
  & I just need a second for
 I have so many questions
            I don’t think there’s an end to them
           or this fascination, it’s amorphous
           it forms its own sentences &
                  it paints me garrulous
                          it doesn’t make any sense
                I can only hone your taste
          so-much my mind’s eye is glazed
     I need your help
                     sorcerer, penetrate my core
               with those eyes | open doors

           to heartfelt dimensions
         all taking a hard necessary swallow

》 in flames




Netflix doesn’t have this series
  I’m afraid it hasn’t gone to stream
      a tip of the hat I’d wager I’d give
      to anyone who is anyone’s best
                          but doesn’t know it

   there’s something to be said
   for interpretive dance
   though lately this drum & bass melody
   isn’t hectic enough yet

          poetry is the language
                  of the ludicrous
           surefire sessions in space
           I prefer zero gravity
                 in love with an opportunity
       [I’m writing my own villainous lyrics
                   on the fucking fly
                 don’t subscribe : I have no idea
                      what I’m doing]


direct strike

there’s a book on the coffee table
    I barely read more than the title
    but it seemed so interesting
                            [praised by Stephen King
              caught my eye// at the time ]
       by default my mind is riddled with you
             now that we’ve been reintroduced
                leave behind your fingerprints
                        like burn marks &
                        for once I adore the scars
                      I’ve been struck
                                by           lightning

  There was definitely a reason|
        unapologetically you give of yourself
          & I am withheld
               on reserve
               by request
       I’d love to meet
              despite the weather,
            January has gave birth to legend
                      before, so tells the narrative
        & I am best-served cold
                   like cash, revenge & peppermint
              suddenly the reunion
                       deepened like darkness
                                  we’re here again
                     drying like cement
                       I can’t let go



the way shadows form
  on your face next to me
       disrupts everything
 my train of thought
    an off-track meticulous yearning
    benign but sponges in &
     I am dabbing at it
         an ocean of nectar
          sweet sap/ the fruit
          of an unburdener bearer

          [there isn’t only this once]


liplocked prophet

a maze of contradictions
      perhaps more than average
      perhaps just what the doctor ordered
           or so it was recorded
   in the beginning there was only a single
                       & no one dared
   [think] it was the flicker
               of a BIC lighter
      they waxed the myth
                  of what there is
              with what isn’t/no matter
         how absurd| they took the Word
       for how it was written
          you can almost hear  the system
                                                   [as it is now]
                   》 closing in《

           polishing the lacquer you become
           unwillingly enamored as if you’d
               just paid a manicurist to fix
            infinitesimal chips in your paint
                     maybe it’s done &
                         sealed like a

or maybe you’re not sure anymore
                  & that’s where I come in



the outreach is
                   & I’m seeing subliminal
                                      messages that
                              all seem to be
                                         saying the same

maybe it’s gone, my mind
  maybe it’s been for a while
        maybe my soul can’t help itself
                cause it believes pain is glory
                                 and the reward
                      is sitting right up front
                on a steel bird, fucking celebrity
                just as delusional as ever
             who are you to earn the keys
        to this jester kingdom?

    Death li ng ers at the gate
  I think I know how it’ll taste


flannels & cocoa

the warmth on your skin
  is a welcome thing it
  takes place of meaningless

  it speaks of happy endings
   & tastes like sweet breads

  rings like homemade butter
 reminds of a different time when
   [maybe] people were good to each other

   I digress,
    I know there’s so much time
  why am I in the state of mind
        like it’s wearing thin with each