every night is wasted
                         without you
  pointless drives/I need reminders to drive
   this  fist struck from another car’s
               passenger side window
                 flee unnoticed
               with the speed of my heartbeat
              a waxing moon unrealized
      I always sense I am not alone
                  and I know the sensation well
                        There are plans
                  and then stopwatch fails –
          disappointment wears me
                            like a worn out fashion
             There’s a stiffness in my right arm
                              every time I fall asleep
                              if I sleep
                             [maybe next week]
             》》until then I race reality
                                to a known stop line
                          checking traffic for cops
                                     the “hidden” kind
           I’ll lose my mind for a second
                                              of your time
              there’s no need to rob me blind

   steal away/eyes open/any day

             ——->         accelerate ×


14 thoughts on “Horsepower

  1. This is beautifully intense, Lauren! I love the imagery you use in your poems to describe your feelings, it’s so magical! There’s always something for everyone in your pieces. Keep up with the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

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