Petrified bones and a driftwood key
          honey-amber vessel on hand
                             lead me away, sage,
          row us into the stars
      where epiphanies are sugar sweet
          torturous for the pain in my teeth
 / silken synchronization

      As if beyond the Blackwall
       as if thrashing against the gates
                             of Tartarus
                   my memory is gone, &
                now remains bits and pieces
                             but the severance is taut
              I need to know
                               |access denied|
             All I received were
                        firefly larvae by the seer
                               whose ambroxan scent
                            could hardly be identified

                             They’re all I need,
                            soft their whisper, [isn’t
                            that what you want
                           》》  to relight
                        》》  the way*?

                  Reuniting with paradise
                     seems farfetched at times
                  appears blissfully easy but
                 much like wishful thinking
                           it’s not fair
                          it’s not fair


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