No Translation

Bare my forearm
      for the machine
          Puncture me
               with the squid ink
            [It’s not that bad
              Everything hurts so,
                    focus on that    &
            Play silly games
                 Who’s tempered/who will break?
          I’m rowing a path I think you’ll take
                Reflections of candlelight
       Sunset smudge every mushroom cap
                        Or are they just glowing
                         & the second time is easier
            Maybe I just needed to wade
     These ancient buildings are crumbling
            for some reason I recall their
                     like I remember myself
                        [maybe I’m not giving credit
                             again, maybe, maybe]

               Let’s play marbles, my love
             next I’m ashore, in our built up
                        pleasure ground
                           I’ll let you win
                           I’ll let you win


[Heavily inspired by Squid Game]

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