not another ghost

              You may glimpse
                            me between the trees

                         & not even blink
                       × rolls of tangled
                                     bramble shiver/
                               smolder maybe/even
                  exposing a pale waif
                       sw    >     ing<    ing
                     from sweet frenetic rope
     [left for dead/but she chokes]
             knotted|tighter than reality

                      clearer than Halloween
                             smoky as the seer
                        cringing when you
                               discern my song
                                       howling long

                         I may petrify
                   daunt and compromise
                       make the death chair
                                      appear __  palpable

  look hard once the shrieking starts×



No Translation

Bare my forearm
      for the machine
          Puncture me
               with the squid ink
            [It’s not that bad
              Everything hurts so,
                    focus on that    &
            Play silly games
                 Who’s tempered/who will break?
          I’m rowing a path I think you’ll take
                Reflections of candlelight
       Sunset smudge every mushroom cap
                        Or are they just glowing
                         & the second time is easier
            Maybe I just needed to wade
     These ancient buildings are crumbling
            for some reason I recall their
                     like I remember myself
                        [maybe I’m not giving credit
                             again, maybe, maybe]

               Let’s play marbles, my love
             next I’m ashore, in our built up
                        pleasure ground
                           I’ll let you win
                           I’ll let you win


[Heavily inspired by Squid Game]


The reality is I’m quicker to bleed
  your darkness than your love,
    & I consider it a dying
                                [dead] /habit

                           Like the righteous sense
                                       behind bloodletting
                               A    failure
          best intentioned, I’m certain
             《worked wonders for
                       |||Those shadows can cloak
                              your pale hip in the night
                                with the paintbrush of a
                                    sharp crescent moon

   and whoever lays beside you can
            leave me room. . .
                ruminations of chaos
           call an agent of catharsis
                we all underestimate
                            & demean our baser
                       selves/ its purpose and its
                                uses, but: if nothing else

Fight or flight would
     pack up its things,
     Prepare the front gate
               for soul eviction
gleefully submit to death

              Makes the higher self look
                         pretty fucking dumb
                          Doesn’t it?

                          Not that
                          I don’t
                          Virgin blood


[Authors Note: October has arrived, and all its ghouls with it]

Sea Glass

And as the rugged color
Of falling leaves dribbled
from your fingers

I inhaled slowly, minding a burning tip
Knowing as time speeds by Your embers
will be snuffed by rising white
and lakes of ice

These raw mountains hold you captive
& gazing on them I am reminded why
Nature was always your beautiful,
patient mistress

And she’ll raise her glass with you
In my unnoticed absence

“Keep these pieces for me,” she’ll whisper,
“Your trophies from the sea.”

Her kiss
was unforgettable.


Cat and Mouse

Misunderstood damsel
Feigning distress
In reality I do cry wolf

The temptress; I’ve
Gotten to like the sound
Over time/ since now I understand
What is in my nature
To undermine

I want to cloak you in my shadow
For a time
&make you believe
You are the most desirable thing
In anyone’s life anyone could
Ever achieve

Any trophy

How unbelievably beautiful
A gleaming feeling
How terrifying
How perfectly
Morbidly satisfying

Will you let me show you