Voodoo Doll

douse the wound in alcohol
pour your iodine
    Lace me                  [FOR SHOW]

disinfect sweet pink muscle &
the tendons, down to the fat

white & fragile as snow
                      Can you see the bone?

I swear [within seconds]
blood will _ return

leave me in stitches


8 thoughts on “Voodoo Doll

      1. Cheers! I like your creative flame,

        Ps. Someday if possible we would like to work with you on our website, posting this kind of creativity and poems to our website, all the credits will belong to you not forgetting to add a link which will redirect a few of our readers to your blog. Whenever you are interested email us at Info@qwufuaenvironment.com to be added. Meanwhile, I will be enjoying reading the awesomeness in your blog.

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