the graveyard

        suspend the flowers you sent,

spontaneously suture the wound
               [that’s all too familiar
                     to you]

    hats off

we gather together
      as brilliant shards in
    these underwater mosaics
         this music we make
    devastating every composer we know

            & can’t you hear me knocking
     aren’t I part of your foundation
           the missing piece stolen
     and retrieved resold
                 by its thief

                          time winked gasoline
              on our straw house
      unaware there was brick underneath


choking on bile @ 10

My throat is full of chicken wire I know now everything I say is squelched in blood but I know this is where the buck stops
              All dressed up & nowhere to go like the wound constantly exhumed & recast I’m watching oxycontin disappear
                   it’s a dangerous game not played for nothing it’s got to mean something though I know pain creates a mean tongue
              I just hate the long & short of recovery
      I s we ar, I swear I wouldn’t take candy
           from babies I’ll just ice you up and out
                  aren’t I just the sweetest beast
      with a face you may have not ever
               wished to know | give me an opening

             I’m making a break for it


do you ever see wild animals?

No shit rush hour looks a lot different
    in Barbados why are ads so
        mindless you’d think the death of
   Kirstie Alley was just a clever way
     of advertising a remake of Cheers

         apparently the Y chromosome is disappearing
       which means humanity goes extinct
                 without bombs or meteors

                                wonder what’s next
              if your diet isn’t making you obese
                      because it’s cheap
         it’s eating your brain
        & these new little WP prompts turn my gut
     there’s so much to say I can’t stfu

do I ever see wild animals
                               the world is burning


a clichéd trope

Hope I didn’t keep you waiting I was making myself more comfortable God knows I can’t get enough time alone how pseudodox my childhood was a one little girl lockbox I swear Ragnarok is my favorite season
        [ it makes my intense fear make sense
               I disassociate to survive
                   is that past tense
                      or future wise ]

   There are many dead horses in my stable
        I led them to copious rivers &
          found I forced them to drink
since                      I didn’t want to fail & now I stalk NPCs around open world games just to make pretend friends no different than the ones I made when I was young but I still can’t give adequate chase when they run


be skeptic of the skeptic it’s hilarious

I have to think
    the minute the Pope opens
        his mouth does he really
           believe the words that form

                 about succoring the poor
        & populism sirens & mitigating
              icons & idols &

                God I could go on forever
       it’s why I’m back here
                 I’m aware so you’re family,
                      I swear you should be too

                             [I guess I’m 99% certain]

& I didn’t know Nikolai Mushegian but
    now that his silence is permanent
       I have to wonder what else
           was on his mind

               poor visionary,
       what psychic walls there weren’t
           to guard you

                   I know you were telling the truth




the patient

            Run As Administrator

           I become the scalpel the dungeon the surgeon & leave the patient inside
                           alone  |  casing the room
                         tatters on the ankles
            bound where only you
                   can be seen

               welcome to my kink
      nudity                        unrequired

                         an asylum aesthetic

            a different way of saying bleached
     hooded and lined
            the somber shadow encased in white
      I’ll swivel to look for you in the door
               watching the news on mute
                     yet skeptically
            syncing with the script
            off-putting the crowd
                with a glossy eye
   and an upward twitch of a naked lip


Author’s Note: don’t be afraid to be labile you know how I love when you shoot from the hip

blame it on my Libra ascendant

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the reason I’m so touch & go is the same as it was years ago and it didn’t matter then so why read me now reaching out & far beyond internalizing everything far too late we don’t change we die & shape-shift we live and we transform still the same miserable Ditto popping out of pokeballs on command &

            deflating its master changing color with its mood never not the world’s first dangerous chameleon


bird toys you bought for your pet velociraptor

  I don’t want your fairytale because Prince Charming doesn’t exist and if he did I wouldn’t want him either I want my player two to be my familiar in a world I have barely explored and hardly recognize it changes too fast & I’m terrified I need the grip but beware in durations I am caustic and I will lock the door when you leave without
                          a thing
        You’ll have to check your safe
            to see if I’ve gone missing
               you’ll have to check your cage
                  to see if I’ve flown it
           because the door was left wide open
      maybe| on purpose

                 I grow more restless
                     and demonstrative by the hour
         but if I hear your call
               make sure you really want a response


awake after midnight on a multi-line phone

A picture tells a thousand words so
by my count I’m dialing four and a quarter
    there’s no explanation for it neither

           LINE 1 ON HOLD
                 ANSWERING LINE 2

         [you can’t remember
                    & I’m getting a migraine

                       Everyone is dead]

               LINE 2 ON HOLD

  why are there bubbles in the water &
              this ghostly haze
        putting to sleep our beloved pets?

               Are we next?


another word for naive

Shall I
   shall I
      shall I
   be afraid
        of you

      what pause do I take now

           on these abandoned tracks
      carved in my arms with glass
             this silver rediscovered
      against my navel
              what fear_______________

                          as my brain codes
            I famously
                           flirt aimlessly
               with cardinal sin

      what fear and astonishment I take
                                here & now