we’re all battling fear

I think lying near the bottom
     of all my rage
      & towards the center pit
        of all my sadness
            is the unrelenting promise
          people continuously depart &
             go dark but

    New souls take up to tour
                                   my cyclical life
                   I never need to know much
                        besides the weather,
                yet our president is discussing
                                   a new world order.

I am in love with forbidden speech.
     Dare you expose yourself
      to mass formation psychosis?
         That curtain has long been drawn.
            It’s already where we’re swimming.
   Are we all deep? No. We are all dangerous.  

All we’re given are cynical sagas
      We’re just living our ancestors’ traumas
       Let’s talk philosophy like Socrates
         & stay on the phone til three AM
        I want to hear your dreams
      The kind you cannot forget.
        Even the ones you thought faded

  [I want to bring them into focus/]


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