jumping the shark never works out

Sitting on tower steps analyzing the frequency
of raindrops, wondering if the sun thinks it’s hidden when the sky is white & I’m the one overcast. Peek, peek through and light me up, turn my tongue red with blood. I like the metallic taste. Let’s shake on who survives this, gambling on the outcome of the rapture. Rebuild me in a moment with just a touch of your hand.

Set me to private & kiss me once. I’ll never tell a soul. They’ll never believe me anyway. I’ll never misuse your name, you’re heaven sent & I didn’t believe the universe even liked me until I prayed in silence for you

It’s natural we’d exterminate protocol. It runs in our veins, the clash the silent motivation. No one can hear us coming unless we let them. It stomps the nerves of the weak hearted. We run the plot and cast the characters, we run a disturbing show.

                      & when we’re gone

there is no credit scene



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