Nights like these dredge up
                  campfire          memories
   good bad or indifferent all the same
            Flashes of younger days spent
                a spattering of stars at Bethpage
                most I’d ever seen
                                       in my little life,
                       & I swore to never forget
    the glowsticks we cracked
                 & streaked the walls with
                        like we were meteors
                                          in the sky

                   innumerable White Russians
                 《substituted later for bloody
                          marys &
                   a bottle of rum wide enough
                         to rattle three wild girls》

                        One sister had my name,
                        but not my face, then again
                         they were no sisters of mine

[fake baubles, imitation larimar]
                    When I awoke /on the beach
                         with their parents’ Absolut
                           {|radled} underarm
                     to an ocean clear as glass
                              how the evening palms
                           danced &     S w a y e d

                  the phone call made to you
                             in panicked haze when
                I was fifteen hundred miles away
           & the staggering bill, staggering me
                                 as if you could help me
                                    locate my room

                    the night Mars felt so close
                    his red shine seemed divine
                       [apocalyptic]/ thinking of it

                                   Which is why I avoid
                                                  going back 《
                                           in time



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