Prometheus standing with a can
                         of gasoline
            & the heat lightning overhead
               warning of the lurking storm
                                   already in progress

Everything is so dark now
                         his razor jawline
                         clenched tight

                            As he doused
                             his torch &

                               Zeus never read
                                     cautionary tales
                                      or perhaps…//


14 thoughts on “firestarter

      1. Whops. Well, now I feel foolish! You could’ve made up a story, and I would’ve bought it. 😂 It’s a good poem about fire. I feel bad about Prometheus getting his liver eaten on the daily, but cold waffles aren’t as tasty, so screw him. 🤣 Truthfully, I wrote mine after reading yours. Fwiw, thaaaank youuuuu!

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