Prometheus standing with a can
                         of gasoline
            & the heat lightning overhead
               warning of the lurking storm
                                   already in progress

Everything is so dark now
                         his razor jawline
                         clenched tight

                            As he doused
                             his torch &

                               Zeus never read
                                     cautionary tales
                                      or perhaps…//


The Chariot

A mortal shell in cinders
& wicked compulsion
simpering love lost in the ashes
charred silken seduction
giving in to the void on a whim?
Enter a swarthy no man’s land

& the space between us
seems so small
the furious conflict
& desperate need
For the dangerous infatuation
between gods and men

Tales of Fervency

Forget how I make you feel
Go ahead; I will not.
Rather, I will be studious,
Tick-tockingly arduous &

Upon your arrival

No matter your weatherproofing
Hurricane women may seem as if
They come and pass but
Never last and that’s (I promise
you that you’re) incorrect


[Photograph by artist Yuri Klapouh]