don’t look down

My flaws & logic are forever at war
   it’s the little self esteem I have left keeping them apart and alive

once I experienced love as an immature prickly thing and its teenage taste went stale way too often I made the switch to artificial sweetener
     now I feel like a burst liver, a human kidney stone mouth full to the brim with spit right before you heave to a toilet
    I’m no fan of myself lately, I’m my number one heckler

           creeping out the strangest I act without trying I just sit and smile I barely blink upside down resting bitch face
            I think I’ll give the Zoloft a shot after I take one I’m so imaginary my friends are too
                          I’ll never be the highest one in the room
                              but I bet I can make you feel

                                                    just don’t


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