Allegedly True

I want to be more than a frame
for your photograph
                           [Your decoration
                                       In a window pane]
and I want to be more
than missing time

Too often, I know
I’ll think of this moment
These series of moments

Since now I have the tendency
To willfully forget yesterday
& yesterday has the audacity
to broad/side me

It was a snowy road but I know
I could never drive in a blizzard
A good witch on a concrete perch
Recalling her sweet love affair
                             [With the Winter]

& now she’s waiting for the leaves
She’s waiting for just one


Rituals and Riddles

got a sort of theater going
God and I

                      [The clouds pool eerie

It starts to storm and
like a fool I egg it on
                     [I can imagine the smile you
                           wear when you know
                         you’ve already won]
lightning flickers, I’m beckoning____
ensuing chaos

& it Is largely chaos
spiraling from control
like a grown man persuaded
to unload his whole
                        My hair stands
                             on end just

                     waiting for the moment

when the power goes out
I’m still catching my breath
waiting for the cricket’s song
        the applause


Voodoo Doll

douse the wound in alcohol
pour your iodine
    Lace me                  [FOR SHOW]

disinfect sweet pink muscle &
the tendons, down to the fat

white & fragile as snow
                      Can you see the bone?

I swear [within seconds]
blood will _ return

leave me in stitches



the sensation of burning coals
against my Achilles heels
cannot substitute the pain
nor the ache within
                                    a blown Atlas vein
                                   falling to his knees
                                           in prayer

          conscious heaven seizing
      and shuddering in his wake

 wherefore I uphold our pledge
         to exchange credit where
                                 [it has long been
                                        denied us]
& could have very well divided us
                    before we knew (the impossible)
shining scraps of your soul
                  led me to you

Elated: I sought your guidance
                           post-haste &
Instead, saw an abundance of knowledge

Despite everything we seem, we are…


(Authors Note: Tired of editing this to make sense damnit. There is no-n-sense here. Thank you for your indulgence.)


There’s a fragment of language
I do not quite understand
A rolling purring sound byte
& then: poofstuck stalactite

A skin-prickling
bloom of organic emotion
[like a fingertip pushes a piano key]
Needless to say,

dripping from the cavern
walls, & yes I know I have not
[yet] seen it all

Here I remain fossilized

Enduring___the long
I’m paralyzed/to pools

of gemstone quality ammolite
glistening in secret places
             of intuition
& past lives

How lucky am I
How lucky



I like you in leather
[where] I can see the tire marks
drifted across your heart
                      & I wonder
how can you adore
How are we paired between
                  & yet spitefully divided
                              like all ancient

Reaching into the night
            heat-seeking moths
drawn to lamplight
            Unbelievably attuned
For this for this for this for this
                        Mad passion:
               understood by only
        [There is only]          Us

–LM. (Authors Note: Romeo and Juliet are a start—-)       


Steam crawls up the walls
& the shower runs hot hot hot
fast, hard and rust red
as I realize maybe
                         the karmic bullet hadn’t
missed its intended target

It’s in my head, zombie


Freeze Frame

With one bare arm cuffed to the bed [post]
I say,
‘we’ll leave those left
                             (-over)s in the trash,
take a quick
snap/shot’ *blast

tip of the tongue casually |outlines|
deftly defined
Valkyrie runes
how rivals must warily eye & surprise you

Impishly I press on unrestrained
All-clear linear thought defied
As the snap shows redglossed lips & tongue
               teeth           & open veins