Left in Stitches

 Don’t misinterpret
                don’t misread
         [seeing yourself reflected in my
                            languid pool always
                              means the death of me]

   It’s no accident that I’m quiet.
                  This barely means
       I’m speechless; done with that.

        Why do I always become the villain
                            in everytaker’s fairytales?
                   They have never met [me]
                            but never fail to use [me].
                       For my empathy, my interest,
                               my creativity, my soul.
                            It’s an… antiquity, I know.
   & every time you fail it’s like  …
      my mouth stretches/and stretches
  I smile, my sutures split o p e n
                                       I can’t help
                                                     the smirk


oh, j’adore war



Maybe it’s just a matter of
                       human nature
          but I want to scream
                            my revelation
              courage is fighting
                              for a way

       & if this is the only way I know how
                           if this is the only way
                 I know words carry weight &
                     though they can be torched
                     they’re immortal

                       Maybe these silver plumes
                                 are all I can spare you
                                                    [on offer]
       like summoning the spirit of Cassandra
                            like you,
                        I yearn to change the world 
             & Your reality fuels my tank
                       & I would never spite that gift
                 I would never
                    Betray|Capture/hold it hostage

  Instead call me riotous
                I think there’s always civil unrest
                                    where there’s silence
                 So here lies my promise
              Exhume the corpse of your sadness

             This world feels on a regular basis
                  I will thread the needle through
                    Take my hand ___ we leap
                     Just hold the line with me
                           Hold the line