A peck on the cheek,
the snappy verb in a draft
blood glazes the teeth
swallow the remnant?
C oll ap se d//

One jagged red gem
disl-/odges (where all your love drains out)
a fantastical death &
suitable short silibant sounds


Just Like on TV

pass the laudanum
it’s just a little geography
something to do in all your
Free” time
let’s sit and watch the cities bellow
glass & cars & flames

pass the ecstasy, pass the liquor
watch the time/ don’t be late!
rushing a little quicker get/
the spit off your lip and look into
the light for me

Yes, your pupils are dilated
they’ve consumed every centimeter
of iris left

Is the room spinning yet?
Get a grip/
It’s just a simulation



(Authors Note: now back to your regularly scheduled programming)

Trigger Warning

Wear your mask and take my hand,
I want to hear all about you and
I heard it’s much easier to tell the truth
When no one can see who’s who.

You’re of great interest to me &
Undeniably precious to somebody
Special, their face may just come to mind;
I just hope it’s not mine.

I’m the type of predator you weren’t expecting to find but found you:
I’m the type of fiend who told you lies while your naive heart told the truth.

The devil who convinced you not to kill yourself a thousand miles away,
Just to confine you in his motel room;
Trade your prescription for a carpool,
Airplane mode is always useful.

Abuse has happened to us all and trust me/I’m in that group, I’ve been raped too,
So when I take advantage of you, Dissociation should be easy to slip into.

(Authors Note: Written from the presumed perspective of the man who assaulted me. Very difficult to scrape off my chest. Hence the title.)



My handwriting used to be beautiful
Now, reduced to a scrawl
I can feel myself weakening, but
like a rushing train, cannot stop it
I merely stand by,
avoid the impact,
brace the rush of wind as it passes.

Isn’t life? That train, that rush?
The adrenaline of not knowing how
Or when, your body will betray you next?
I suppose it’s not game over until someone
Or Something
Calls time,
/&you’d never know I was here.

Everybody wants to make an impact
And I fear I have/
But not in the ways I signed up for
It pisses me off how they shrug it off
How Nothing affects them but their own

Or am I talking to myself?

I wish I didn’t have the poetry
Didn’t start to write stories
Didn’t have all these Words
And no traction
I wish I had dialed down the rosy tone &
Shook myself out of my magical carpet
Where I/ in tandem with Them/
Hurt me so often

(Authors note: )